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Boat Hire in Corfù Greece

Corfu is one of the most beautiful Greek islands and the second largest of the Ionian ones. In fact, it has several small satellite islands which together create the northwestern frontier of Greece. Corfu coast measure 217km, making it a dream destination for experienced sailors as well as those new to boating. This really is a destination for everyone!

But, why staying on this fantastic island when you can rent a boat in Corfu and see so much more? Tourism has grown dramatically on Corfu over the last few years, that’s why you should rent a boat and find your own spot along its stunning beaches. Whether you want to be in the thick of the action or discover a remote getaway Corfu is the island for you. There are a multitude of secluded beaches, where the golden sand meets the turquoise sea. By renting a boat you can step off the island, allowing you to explore it properly!

Choose your preferred boat type and motor or sail into Kavos, here you’ll find a town geared toward younger people with plenty of all-night parties and events. You’ll have the luxury of visiting and knowing exactly where your accommodation is. That’s the beauty of renting a boat in Corfu, you can be in the action but easily step away.

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Rent a Motorboat in Corfu Without Skipper

With so many things to do on and around Corfu, it’s understandable that you may want to go without the skipper and take charge of your own destiny. 

You will need a license if you want to rent a motorboat without a skipper in Corfu and the engine is rated over 30hp.

Don’t forget to motor down to Paxos to look at the Blue Caves, just one of the stunning sites in the Ionian Sea.

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Rent a Sailboat in Corfu

With so many islands nearby to explore you simply have to rent a sailboat in Corfu and enjoy the feeling of the wind in your hair. Sailogy has an array of sailboats available with or without skipper.

This really is the best way to appreciate the age-old battle between the Venetians and the Ottoman Empire. Renting a sailboat will allow you to explore the places and appreciate the ancient history, modern culture, and the stunning beaches.

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Rent a Sailboat in Corfu With Skipper

The one thing better than feeling the wind in your hair as you sail across the waters around Corfu is letting a skipper do the work for you.

Take away the worry and enjoy the ride while your skipper shows you the known sites and the not so well known ones.  

You’re guaranteed to have an experience you can tell for years to come.

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Rent a Catamaran in Corfu

If you’re not sure about what boat is best to rent then the catamaran is the perfect choice. The twin-hull design means they are more stable, even the water is generally calm. You’ll also find more space than a similar-sized motor or sailboat.

Of course, you will need to plan stops as this type of boat can take up more space in a marina.

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Rent a Sailboat in Corfu Without Skipper

Of course, if you’re a keen sailor then letting someone else take the helm simply isn’t going to do. You can rent a sailboat in Corfu without a skipper from Sailogy and set your own agenda. 

Whether you want to check out the old Venetian fort, the newer one, or sail along the coast of Greece to the other Ionian Islands, you’ll be in charge.

Just remember to take a look at the 37 different churches on Corfu before you set sail!

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Rent a Motorboat in Corfu With Skipper

Take it up a level and enjoy your rented motorboat with a skipper. You can relax onboard while the skipper shows you the best sites around the island of Corfu and into the Ionian Sea.

Don’t forget that there are 119 beaches on Corfu alone, what better way to see all of them than by renting a motorboat in Corfu with a skipper.

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Rent a Catamaran in Corfu Without Skipper

If you already have an idea of where you want to head and the sights you want to see then you should consider renting a catamaran in Corfu without a skipper.

It’s the perfect compromise for a budding sailor, giving you the pleasure of the wind in your face while reducing the chances of sickness amongst your guests.

A catamaran without a skipper will allow you to visit Paleokastritsa monastery, Porto Limnionas beach, Corfu Old Town, and even Porto Katsiki. That’s just a few of the delights the Ionian islands have to offer.

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Rent a Motorboat in Corfu

Sailing is great fun but sometimes it’s just simpler to rent a motorboat and enjoy the luxury and space that comes with it. 

A motorboat will allow you to move between the Ionian Islands much faster than on a sailboat and you don’t have to worry about whether there is any wind or not. 

The beauty of a motorboat isn’t just the additional privacy, it’s the ability to stop and start whenever you like, allowing you to experience beaches that appear untouched by human hand.

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Rent a Catamaran in Corfu With Skipper

Catamarans can be motor or sail and with or without a skipper. Rent a catamaran in Corfu from Sailogy with a skipper and you’ll find all the hidden delights. 

A skipper will guide you around Corfu, allowing you to enjoy Corfu town, the monastery, and even the Canal d’Armour, which needs no introduction.

A skipper doesn’t just take you to the hidden delights, they also ensure you don’t have to worry about anything on your vacation.

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