Rent a Boat in Liguria

Rent a Boat in Liguria

Boat Hire in Liguria

Liguria is situated in Northwest Italy, the Alps run across this relatively small area of Italy giving it a stunning backdrop. What really makes this place magnificent is the fact that it sits on the Mediterranean coast, that’s what draws sailors of level of experience here to rent a boat in Liguria and enjoy the sunshine.

Average summer temperatures are 23°C to 24°C, couple this with gentle breezes and you have the best possible weather to cast off your ropes and drift out to sea. The section of land between the famous Cote d’Azur and Tuscany is often referred to as the Italian Riviera. Although it sits in the Mediterranean climate, it actually borders the Ligurian Sea.

The coastline of Liguria is generally rocky, you’ll find steep slopes of trees reaching down to meet the sea. You will also find a host of small towns and villages, as well as some fantastic secluded coves. Due to the rough nature of the land, these are not easy to get to on foot, but, when you rent a boat in Liguria, you can see and access it all.

Rent a Motorboat in Liguria Without Skipper

Of course, if you have a license then you’ll want to take the controls yourself and motor out of port. You can go east from Genoa to a traditional fishing village, Camogli, then on to Sestri Levante, and perhaps even to the bay of Silence where you’ll find some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere in the Mediterranean.

There is little wind in the summer months, making a motorboat a great choice, but be sure to plan ahead if you need a space in port.

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Rent a Motorboat in Liguria

To rent a motorboat in Liguria with an engine over 30hp you’ll need a license. If you haven’t got a license you can simply rent one with a skipper.

A motorboat will give you a much greater level of comfort and the process is effortless, just open the throttle and let the boat do the work, you can even plot your course with the GPS.

Sailogy has a great choice of motorboats to rent in Liguria, from 25ft long to 50ft, it just depends on which suits you best, and the impression you want to make!

Rent a Sailboat in Liguria

Rent a sailboat in Liguria and enjoy cruising gently across the deep blue waters as you explore the coastline. You will need a license to rent a sailboat without a skipper, but, if you haven’t got one you can still enjoy the delights of sailing with a skipper!

In the summer months, the weather is excellent, the sea is warm, and the wind is minimal, you’re not going to make great time but you are going to enjoy the experience of sailing.

Rent a Sailboat in Liguria With Skipper

If you haven’t got a license to sail then you can rent a sailboat in Liguria with skipper and still enjoy the delights of sailing along the coast.

Best of all, the skipper will know the hidden delights that you’d be unlikely to find if you did the trip by yourself.

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Rent a Sailboat in Liguria Without Skipper

There is nothing quite like unfurling the mainsail with the wind at your back as you move away from land. You’ll feel like you’re on a huge adventure, even if you never quite leave sight of land. Providing you have a license you’ll find Sailogy has a host of sailboats for you to choose from, just pick the number of berths you need and how big you want the boat to be! We can help organize everything for you.

Rent a Motorboat in Liguria With Skipper

Having a motorboat means it’s easy to start and stop at the various coves and ports along the way, you can hop on and off the boat at leisure. It’s a great way to explore the delights the Ligurian coast has to offer.

If you’re not confident driving the boat or don’t have a license then Sailogy can provide you with a skipper, they’ll do all the work and show you hidden delights, while you soak up the sun and the atmosphere.

Rent a Catamaran in Liguria

A catamaran is the perfect choice for the Ligurian coast. You can choose between sail or motor and benefit from a smaller vessel which actually has more space than most mono hull boats. The reason is because the catamaran has dual hulls.

In fact, this makes the boat more stable and faster than most sailboats, if you get enough wind behind you.

Check out the range of catamarans on and you’ll find that they are surprisingly affordable. Book today and start getting your gear ready, you’re not going to need wet weather gear in the Med!

Rent a Catamaran in Liguria With Skipper

If the idea of a catamaran appeals but you don’t have the license or are considered about the width of the boat, then rent a catamaran in Liguria with skipper. 

You’ll be able to sit back and relax while the skipper does all the work. What better way is there to appreciate all the delights of the Italian Riviera?

Rent a Catamaran in Liguria Without Skipper

If you’ve got the experience there is nothing quite like slipping out of the harbor under motor or sail, at the helm of a catamaran. Feel the surge of excitement as you sail into the open sea and choose the direction you want to head.

There’s plenty to choose from on the Italian Riviera, simply take a look at the various catamarans we have to offer and rent a catamaran in Liguria without skipper today!

The team at Sailogy is waiting to help you. Our aim isn’t just to rent you the right boat, it’s to help you have a hassle-free experience which you’ll remember forever.