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Boat Hire in Malta

The Maltese archipelago consists of five islands, three of which, Malta, Gozo, and Comino, are inhabited. The largest is Malta. The islands sit in the Mediterranean Sea, just below Sicily and are only 50 miles of the south coast of Italy. 

Aside from the fantastic weather and the location of Malta in the Mediterranean, there are a number of good reasons to rent a boat in Malta. One of the biggest reasons is the fact that Malta has always been vital to the domination of the Mediterranean. This is the reason why so many powers have fought over the island and why it has such an illustrious and fascinating history.

You’ll find traces of the Phoenicians, Romans, Greeks, Arabs, Sicilians, French, and even the British. But, perhaps most striking is the nature of the islands. There is an abundance of limestone cliffs with bays, coves, and other hidden inlets. Many of these can only be accessed by boat. 

Combine this with the beautiful turquoise waters of the Mediterranean and you’ll quickly understand why it’s essential you rent a boat in Malta.

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Renting a boat with a skipper isn’t just for those without a license for the larger boats. It’s also a great way to see the hidden secrets of the Maltese islands. You’ll be amazed at what local knowledge the skippers have and what they can show you as you explore Malta and the other islands.

There are many reasons to rent a catamaran in Malta but two of the most popular are the stability they offer, which makes it a better option for less-experienced sailors. The other is the extra space you get on a catamaran thanks to the twin-hull design.

They’re also great fun and you can rent a catamaran in Malta with or without skipper and choose between sail or motor. It’s a very flexible and satisfying option.

If sailing doesn’t appeal and you want the simplicity of turning on an engine then you need to rent a motorboat in Malta. Sailogy has a range of motorboats ready for you to rent in Malta. All are well maintained and fully fitted out, they even have GPS which you may not need but it’s nice to have!

Take a look at the Sailogy site now to choose the motorboat that suits your needs. But remember, you need a license to operate a motorboat with more than 30hp. That’s why we offer the opportunity to rent a motorboat in Malta with or without a skipper. 

There’s something special about unfurling the mainsail and heading out to sea. Whether you’re intending to circumnavigate the island or visit all 5, you’ll feel a sense of adventure fill your soul.

If you don’t have a sailboat license then you can still rent a sailboat in Malta, simply choose the option to have a skipper and they’ll handle everything for you.

If you’re confident on a sailboat then you’ll want to rent a sailboat in Malta without skipper and set the sails yourself. It’s an exciting feeling jibing up the coast of the island, fighting the wind as you go while looking for the best inlets and coves to explore.

Sailogy has an array of sailboats for you to choose from, just choose the number of berths you need and the size of boat, we’ll take care of everything else for you.

Not having a skipper means you’re free to plot your own course and feel the satisfaction of being in command of a vessel. All you need is the right license then talk to Sailogy about which catamaran you want and when you want it.

It’s that simple, we have a selection of well-maintained boats waiting to be used by you.

Best of all, we have a first-class customer service team eager to help you rent a boat in Malta and enjoy the experience of a lifetime. 

Sailogy has an array of motorboats for you to choose from, most are available with a skipper but if you don’t need or want a skipper then you can rent a motorboat in Malta without skipper and take control of your destiny. 

Although you’ll want to explore the numerous bays and inlets its good to have a rough plan, this will help to make sure you enjoy every moment of your time onboard.

If you can pilot a boat but you’re not sure about your navigation skills you can simply keep Malta to the port or starboard side, then you know you’ll loop around the entire island.

If you want to really enjoy the experience though you may prefer to rent a catamaran in Malta with skipper. They’ll handle the navigation and take you to the best spots, allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself.

Just take a look at the catamarans we offer with skipper, you’ll be impressed by how affordable they are

Malta enjoys warm winds most days of the year, although if you’re on the northern coast these winds will be stronger and colder. The average wind on the southern side of the island is between gale force 2-4. 

That may be enough or you to consider having a skipper when you rent a sailboat in Malta.

Of course, having a skipper also makes it more likely that you’ll find those hidden spots that only the locals know about.