Rent a Boat in Sardinia

Rent a Boat in Sardinia

Boat Hire in Sardinia

Sardinia is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. This large Italian island is situated in the Mediterranean Sea, which makes boat rental in Sardinia a great idea when you’re visiting. There are over 2,000 kilometers of coastline that consist of beautiful sandy beaches. There’s much to see, discover and explore when in Sardinia and there’s no better way to do it than by boat. 

Rent a Motorboat in Sardinia

If you are more inclined to enjoying speed and power, then you should rent a motorboat in Sardinia. This way it would be easier for you to sail through the entire 2,000-kilometer coastline with so much ease You can also dock for a while to enjoy the many water activities on the island. 

Rent a Sailboat in Sardinia

When you rent a sailboat in Sardinia, you can do so with or without a skipper. From its capital Cagliari, you can head on to the numerous sailing destinations and islands scattered around the main island of Sardinia. By sailboat, you can let the wind take you in any direction or you can also plan your route so you can see all the beautiful sights in the area. 

Rent a Catamaran in Sardinia

Especially when you are traveling with family and friends, it would be best to rent a catamaran in Sardinia. This fairly large boat is a multi-hulled watercraft that enables it to remain stable even in wavy situations. It would be hard to suffer seasickness on a catamaran. 

Rent a Catamaran in Sardinia With Skipper

To better enjoy your sailing trip across the Mediterranean, you must rent a catamaran in Sardinia with skipper. The skipper will make sure that you can visit some of the best destinations in the area including Cannigione where there are several beaches, marinas, sailing activities and so much more. 

Rent a Motorboat in Sardinia With Skipper

When you rent a motorboat in Sardinia with skipper, you can ask him to take you to the most popular attractions in the area. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful ancient architecture, rich culture and interesting art, museums, campsites, caves, and so much more that takes you close to nature. 

Rent a Motorboat in Sardinia Without Skipper

You may also rent a motorboat in Sardinia without skipper when you are confident with your boating skills. Head on to Portisco where you can meet other sailors, enjoy some watersport, lounge by the beach and adore the beautiful marinas. 

Rent a Catamaran in Sardinia Without Skipper

Rent a catamaran in Sardinia without skipper. You can choose from a variety of boats according to your budget and those that are suitable to your preferences and requirements. Enjoy the best of this Italian holiday destination aboard a luxurious and safe catamaran. 

Rent a Sailboat in Sardinia With Skipper

You may also rent a sailboat in Sardinia with skipper, which is a wise decision to make since the skipper can guide you through the many attractions on the island. There’s the Emerald Coast, which boasts of emerald green and cobalt blue waters, or the Port Palma where you can see for yourself the many beautiful marinas and beaches too. 

Rent a Sailboat in Sardinia Without Skipper

When you have a license to sail, then you can go ahead and rent a sailboat in Sardinia without skipper. This way, you can travel through the Mediterranean at your own time and pace. You can visit any destination you wish to visit including Olbia where you can find many archaeological sites and the magnificent San Simplicio Basilica.