Rent a Boat in Zadar

Rent a Boat in Zadar

Boat Hire in Zadar Croatia

Are you planning to go on a grand vacation to Italy and its surrounding towns and islands? Then you must definitely consider the opportunity to rent a boat in Zara. The Province of Zara used to be a province governed by the Kingdom of Italy. It was short-lived as it only lasted officially from 1918 to 1947. During World War II, the Italian Governorate of Dalmatia took over the beautiful province. It was officially dissolved in 1947. However, the breathtaking views of the province still exist - this time we know it as Zadar. Originally divided into the two cities of Šibenik (Sebenico) and Zara (Zadar), there’s much to see and explore as you’re sailing along the stunning coasts of Zara.

Rent a Sailboat in Zadar With Skipper

If you don’t have any experience or license to sail a boat on your own, then it would be best to rent a sailboat in Zara with skipper. The skipper will not only be the captain of your boat so you can relax, but he can also give you travel tips and information on the various views you will see in Zara.

Rent a Catamaran in Zadar

Are you traveling to the coastal town of Zadar with a large group of family and friends? If so, then everyone should be in on a boat treat. You can do that with a spacious and luxurious catamaran. Rent a catamaran in Zara - choose from different water vehicles of all sizes in Sailogy.

Rent a Motorboat in Zadar

Motorboats are way more powerful and faster than sailboats and so many would opt to rent a motorboat in Zara. Feel the lovely breeze of the Adriatic Sea brush against your skin as you go top speed on your motorboat. Go with or without a skipper - all your choice!

Rent a Motorboat in Zadar Without Skipper

Now if you’re into going full speed and love the feeling of rushing in the sea, then you should try to rent a motorboat in Zara without skipper. You can check on a variety of motorboat options that will let you in and around the wonderful Old Town of Zadar with ease.

Rent a Motorboat in Zadar With Skipper

Zara, now known as the city of Zadar in Croatia, boasts of clear blue seas where you can enjoy the city’s lovely views. Why spending a fortune on expensive cruises just to be brought to places everybody already knows? When you rent a motorboat in Zara with skipper, the skipper can also act as your guide!

Rent a Catamaran in Zadar With Skipper

A catamaran is a fairly large boat so it would be so much better to rent a catamaran in Zara with skipper. This way, you can make most out of the lovely views all across the Adriatic Sea as you sail along Zara’s shores.

Rent a Catamaran in Zadar Without Skipper

For licensed sailors and very experienced ones, we highly recommend you to rent a catamaran in Zara without skipper from Sailogy. This allows you to enjoy the privacy of your catamaran without any worries about anything else as you sail across the calm waters of Zadar.

Rent a Sailboat in Zadar

More popularly known as Zadar, Zara is an awe-inspiring beautiful city off the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. Its streets are lined with old and charming architecture including homes and religious buildings. When you rent a sailboat in Zara, you will absolutely fall in love with the beautiful view of the city from the sea. Whether you set sail in the morning, at noon or especially at sunset, you will surely be in awe of what the city has to offer.

Rent a Sailboat in Zadar Without Skipper

When you are already confident with your sailing skills, then you can definitely rent a sailboat in Zara without skipper. All you need to do is run a Google search on the best sightseeing not to miss when in Zara! When you rent a sailboat from Sailogy, you will also be given information on the best routes and directions to take.