Rent a Catamaran in Corfù Without Skipper

Rent a Catamaran in Corfù Without Skipper

Catamaran Hire in Corfù Without Skipper

There are three main types of boat you can rent in Corfu, the sailboat, the motorboat, and a catamaran. If you’re an avid sailor then the sailboat is the obvious choice, as is the motorboat for those that love the water but don’t like the effort of sailing.

However, in both instances, you should consider the balance offered if you rent a catamaran in Corfu without skipper.

Catamarans can be powered by sail or by motor, which means they should appeal to all types of sailors; furthermore, a catamaran is also infinitely more stable than a monohull boat. The simple fact is there are two hulls to help the bat retain its composure. Alongside this, catamarans tend to be more comfortable and are actually faster than traditional sailboats.

In other words, rent a catamaran in Corfu without skipper and get the best of both worlds. You’ll get to be in charge of the vessel while those with less experience can actually enjoy the trip. It’s a fine balance and one that will make your boating experience in Corfu infinitely more enjoyable.

While a skipper can offer you insights into the local terrains and sights that you may not see, they can also detract from the intimacy of the trip or your chosen agenda. Assuming you have the right experience and license then renting a catamaran is the obvious choice and a great way to experience Corfu and the other Ionian Islands. 

The great thing about the Ionian Islands is that they are not too far apart. You can rent your catamaran in Corfu and then sail along the coast of Greece to reach the other islands. That makes it difficult to get lost and allows you to see a huge amount of coastline. You’ll find an abundance of hidden coves accessible only from the sea. It really will make you feel like you’re the first person to step ashore!

Of course, Corfu has a huge amount to offer itself, it’s the second-largest of the Ionian Islands and home to both the old Venetian fort and the new one. These both date back to the times of Venetian rule, something that prevented the islands from getting absorbed by the Ottoman Empire.

Other rulers include the Romans, French, Italians, and the British. But, today they are part of Greece.

As well as impressive Venetian forts, Corfu has the impressive Kassiopi Castle, an Achilleion Palace from the 1800’s, and the stunning monastery of Paleokastritsa set on a scenic hilltop.

Traveling south with your catamaran will bring you to Paxos, one of the smallest islands, from there you can cruise down to Lefkada and loop between it and Kefalonia to find numerous smaller islands, just waiting to be ‘discovered’.

Rent a catamaran and you’ll have the freedom to start and stop your journey when you want to. All you need to do is take a look at what Sailogy offers, set your budget, the number of berths you need and whether your catamaran needs to be under power or sail. There is something to please everyone!

Our support service is exceptional, we’ll guide you through the boat hire process and ensure you’re familiar with all the controls. You’re then free to head out onto the open sea, knowing that we’re very easy to contact. 

Even if you’ve never had a boating holiday before, you’ll find that you can rent a catamaran in Corfu without a skipper and have the experience of a lifetime.