Rent a Catamaran in Croatia Without Skipper

Rent a Catamaran in Croatia Without Skipper

Catamaran Hire in Croatia Without Skipper

Croatia is one of the most popular holiday destinations in all of Europe and the rest of the world for some very good reasons. It is naturally beautiful, it is a perfect mix of old charm and convenient modernity, it boasts of 2,000 breathtakingly magnificent islands, the locals cook great food and serve even greater wine, and so much more. So when you are heading to this jewel of a country, then the best way to travel would be to rent a catamaran in Croatia without skipper

It is great to know that there are currently six international airports in Croatia. There are flights getting here from numerous countries from all around the world on a daily basis. There are also flights from all the major cities in Europe! If you’re coming from London, it will only be a two-hour-long trip. Then when you get to Croatia, you will realize that a few days’ holiday here wouldn’t be enough if you truly want to explore and discover everything that this awe-inspiring country has to offer. There are old architecture and numerous museums that let you take a peek at the very rich history of Croatia. There are lush greeneries and vast wilderness with the beautiful scent of pine and cypress where you can hike. There are more than just several water activities you can enjoy. And if you or a companion know nothing about sailing yet, then this would be your chance to attend some classes in the best sailing schools in Croatia. 

Rent a catamaran in Croatia and have the chance to explore the Kornati archipelago. There are 152 islands here and you can go on an island-hopping trip! There are beaches, forests, water activities, and many more. You can reach the Kornati if you sail from the Murther, Biograd or Zadar marinas. You can also go to Central Dalmatia and head on to Brac and Hvar – these places just a sail away if you are coming from the international airport in Split. You can have all the drinks you like, dance the night away, and simply have a great time at Hvar. 

Do you want a taste of some of the most delicious dishes in all of Croatia? Many tourists would attest to the fact that when you travel up north to the Kvarner Bay and Istrian Peninsula, you will have a gastronomic experience unlike no other. Although you can always have the best meals in many other areas across Croatia where there are numerous restaurants, cafes, hotels, resorts, and more. 

Speaking of resorts, when you go to mainland Sibenik, you can head to the nearby superyacht marina, the first of its kind in Croatia. This resort area also features the Turkish-owned D-Resort, which was opened to tourists, travelers, and locals back in the summer of 2015. Make sure you’re taking all the things you need for a convenient sail with you! When you rent a catamaran in Croatia without skipper, you should already know in advance the routes you want to take and the destinations you have to visit. More importantly, make sure you have what you need on the boat with you such as drinking water, snacks, and meals, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, some swimsuits, and others. 

There are plenty of catamarans to choose from in a variety of sizes, budget ranges, with different features, amenities, and more. It is so convenient to plan your dream vacation to the Croatian Adriatic on Sailogy because within a few clicks, you can already book the best boat for your trip!