Rent a Catamaran in Cyclades Without Skipper

Catamaran Hire in Cyclades Without Skipper

You may be wondering if it’s a good idea to rent a catamaran in Cyclades without a skipper. The answer is almost certainly yes, although it does depend on when you want to holiday and what experience you have.

The beauty about catamarans isn’t that they are more stable, faster than a traditional sailing boat, or offer a smoother ride, although these are all good points. It’s the fact that you can have a motor-powered catamaran or sail-powered. The choice is yours!

The fact that they have dual hulls means that you’ll have more living space than a similar-sized motor or sailboat. Please note that mooring is a little more difficult and there are winds to contend with in the Cyclades.

That’s why a little experience will go a long way if you’re thinking about renting a catamaran in Cyclades during July and August.

Winds are known to be gale-force 5-7 and occasionally reach force 8. This means that you need experience or to be ready for a challenge if you’re navigating without a skipper in these two months. If you’re not sure about your skill level then you can rent a catamaran in Cyclades without a skipper during May, June, or September, and you’ll find the sea is much easier going on you.

In short, choose the right time of year for your experience level and you’ll find that you can rent a catamaran in Cyclades without a skipper and have the best experience ever.

Along with our array of quality vessels, we offer an excellent support service, helping you to choose the right craft and deal with any issues during your vacation. Rent a catamaran in Cyclade without a skipper through Sailogy and you’ll have an experience you’ll never forget.

With over 200 islands you’ll need to consider what you want to see while your cruising, it’s difficult to see it all!

If you fancy getting away from it all and feeling like you’re the first person to ever step foot on and then check out the small Cyclades, it’s a group of uninhabited islands consisting of 4 larger and dozens of smaller islands.  It’s a simple pleasure to cruise around them but a fantastic way to unwind. They really are postcard perfect.

Head back toward the center of the islands, where the mythological island of Delos sits and you’ll want to check out the largest of the Cyclades, Naxos. The beaches here can be best seen from the sea but you’ll need to disembark to appreciate the mountain villages and the 10m high statue of Dionysus or Apollo.

To balance this out, visit Syros, the smallest but most populated island. It’s also the administrative center of the Cyclades. This is where you’ll find a host of neoclassical buildings and some more stunning beaches.

You’ll also need to include Milos on your list, it’s famous coastline is full of unusual rock formations and it has the largest number of beaches of any one island in the Cyclades. 

Of course, a visit to Mykonos and its smaller sister Ios are essential to enjoy some great partying, and you’ll need to check out Paros for some of the best shopping in the Cyclades.

But, don’t just cruise past Delos in the center, it’s basically uninhabited, the 2001 census showed 14 people living on it. However, it’s UNESCO heritage site that has evidence of humankind's innovation and building prowess dating back thousands of years. To put it simply, it’s impressive. 

If you like Greek mythology you’ll also want to note that Delos is supposed to be where Apollo and Artemis were born.

That’s just a sample of what this amazing group of islands has to offer. Rent a catamaran in Cyclades without skipper and lot your own course, you’re certain to find something that delights and you’re not going to run out of things to do.

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