Rent a Catamaran in Dubrovnik

Rent a Catamaran in Dubrovnik

Catamaran Hire in Dubrovnik Croatia

Unlike the usual monohulled watercraft, a catamaran is a multi-hulled water vessel that’s perfect for sailing while in Dubrovnik. Are you planning to rent a catamaran in Dubrovnik?
Then you are certainly making a great choice.
Many tourists and travelers, whether first-timers or those who have been to this side of the world several times, choose to cruise across the Adriatic Sea aboard a catamaran. Because of its stability, safety, and smooth sailing capabilities, many would even choose to spend days and nights throughout their Dubrovnik vacation aboard a catamaran.

Since it is multi-hulled, a catamaran offers a smooth sail for everyone onboard. It rarely gets anyone seasick because the boat doesn’t sway while on water. It remains stable enough so that you can conveniently enjoy relaxing moments while basking in the sun and feeling the cool sea breeze brush against your skin.
When in Dubrovnik, a catamaran would be the best choice to travel in water whether or not you’re hiring a skipper because you can conveniently remain in the watercraft for as long as you wish.

In fact, many boat experts would say that a catamaran is the safest way to travel on water. Since it is not easily swayed by winds or rough waters, there are very rare instances of catamarans going overboard.
So especially if it’s your first time to go on a cruise, a catamaran would be the best choice for you as it will be a great experience for sure.

When you rent a catamaran in Dubrovnik, you can choose to hire a skipper to be part of your crew. The skipper is the captain of your catamaran and will take you to your desired destinations. There are plenty of exciting sights around Dubrovnik including the Walls of Dubrovnik. Many tourists flock these walls, take pictures, and adore its beauty. What a lot of them do not know is that there’s a much better view of these walls and that would be while you’re in the water.

You can also drop by Lokrum, an island 600 meters off the shore of Dubrovnik. This island features a historic monastery said to be constructed by the Austrian archduke Maximilian. Maximilian played a huge role in Dubrovnik’s history and this is evident in Lokrum.
Another popular island destination, the Fort Royal Castle, has been renamed the Maximilian’s Tower. This tower can be seen from the sea as it lies in the island’s highest point at 96 meters above sea level.

Roads paved with limestones, architectural wonders, historical museums, more monasteries, and palaces can be found in the streets of Dubrovnik. It is a city that must be visited by anyone who would love to witness its old-world charm. Almost every corner is picturesque!
But if you ever get tired of the noise in the city, you can go to your own private abode in the peacefulness of the sea aboard your catamaran. So when you rent a catamaran in Dubrovnik, know that you can spend hours and days at a time aboard.
Many tourists even choose to rent a catamaran instead of checking into a hotel. It is that stable and smooth - you can have a good night’s sleep in one of its cabins!

At Sailogy, you can choose to rent a catamaran in Dubrovnik according to your preferred size, budget, brand, model, and the overall appearance of the water vessel. Make sure you’re making your reservations in advance especially if you’re traveling to the city on peak season. Browse through the catalog - you’re now just a few clicks away from booking your dream catamaran adventure in Dubrovnik!