Rent a Catamaran in Lefkas Without Skipper

Catamaran Hire in Lefkas Without Skipper

Discover the surreal beauty of the Grecian coastal paradise by renting a catamaran in Lefkas and exploring the beautiful island by sea. There’s a lot to do from visits to historic coastal towns and quaint villages, to lush leafy islands amidst tranquil beaches and crystal clear bays. The waters are calm and gentle, making them ideal for sailing. If you are a pro-sailor and have past experience with catamaran and sailboats, you can rent a catamaran in Lefkas without skipper and be the captain of your own ship. It gives you the freedom to design your own itinerary, and explore the unrivaled beauty of the hidden gems of Lefkas at your own pace and convenience. 

Lefkas has a lot to offer, from world famous beaches to exotic Greek cuisines and playful cocktails. Swim in the calm lagoon at Preveza, and explore the underwater beauty by snorkeling in the emerald waters of Lefkas. Enjoy a fun kitesurfing experience at Milos beach, and take a romantic stroll by the sandy coastline of secluded beaches. All of this is doable when you rent a catamaran in Lefkas without skipper and have a private and tailored experience of your own. 

The marinas of Lefkas have calm waters that allow beginners to learn sailing when renting a sailboat or catamaran without skipper, and for experts to flaunt their skills before they take it to the vast sea. The narrow channel of the marina separates the beautiful island from the mainland. The entire island is filled with impressive and striking natural landscapes. The beautiful mountains appear majestic with foggy peaks and lush vegetation, offering a breathtaking panoramic backdrop alongside the sleep cliffs and beautiful valleys. The main island with Lefkada town is on the west coastline of Greece. The best part about this island is that it has very easy access, you can reach it by sea when you rent a catamaran in Lefkas ports and marinas. It also allows you to explore the neighboring islands of Corfu, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Kythira, Paxi and Zakynthos. 

The tourism of Lefkas is quite significant, so that you can expect crowded beaches and swarm of tourists in the coastal towns during peak seasons, but when you rent a catamaran in Lefkas without skipper, you get a more separate and private experience. You get to have your own space at all times, and you can literally steer the boat in any direction you see fit to make the best out of your vacation. There are a lot of small unspoiled beaches with brilliantly blue waters that make for a small romantic getaway of your own. Porto Katsiki is the most famous beach of Lefkas. It holds an iconic beauty with awe-inspiring views of the vertical cliffs and lush mountains. The white pebbled beaches offer the best views and make for an amazing sailing trip. 

Kathisma beach is another great spot to hit when sailing through Lefkas. The best thing about this beach is that it is fully organized, yet you get to enjoy a perfectly natural environment, so that the modern commodities are combined with a natural setting. You can also witness big blue waves at Kathisma sometimes, which is unique to this beach as you don’t get to see these waves on other beaches of Lefkas.

If you wish to rent a catamaran in Lefkas without skipper, browse through the amazing variety at Sailogy, with beautiful and capacious catamarans at your disposal. The cost effectiveness and safety features make it a great option, and you can plan a great itinerary with Sailogy to have the trip of your life. 

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