Rent a Catamaran in Liguria Without Skipper

Catamaran Hire in Liguria Without Skipper

Liguria is also known as the Italian Riviera and sits adjacent to the French Riviera, specifically between Cote d’Azur and Tuscany. For many years this was a strategically important area and an important trading port. Although the importance waned for some years, it is once again, an important part of Italy.

The best part is that you can rent a catamaran in Liguria without skipper and experience everything this area has to offer. In fact, the locals will tell you that the best way to really appreciate this area is by sea.

We’ve got catamarans, sailboats, and motorboats waiting to be rented by you; The catamaran is the most stable and provides plenty of space, making it one of the best choices. 

If you have a license you can rent a catamaran in Liguria without skipper and, from the moment you leave port, you’ll feel like an ancient explorer in search of land and treasure.

The most common option is to head east from Genoa and cruise down to Cinque Terre. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site that consists of 5 medieval villages. Each one has something unique to offer and you’ll love exploring the coves around them. Not only is the sea clear, there are caves and an abundance of sea life.

Between Genoa and Cinque Terre is some of the best coastline in the world. There are small coves accessible only by boat, forests of pine trees kissing the beach, and plenty of small villages dotted along the hillsides.

You’ll also find the town of Portofino, it’s definitely an exclusive place but well worth a visit. Just be careful as you glide the catamaran between the rows of Superyachts!

It’s also worth a look at Camogli, it’s near Portofino and overlooked by many. This has allowed it to keep much of its original charm and you’ll find the food here is potentially the best and most authentic in the area.

You should also allow time to head west of Genoa. This is the side of the Italian Riviera that used to be very popular with the British but is now largely ignored. You’ll find an abundance of Italians holidaying here. 

The coast is just as beautiful as to the east of Genoa and the towns are fascinating. Stop at Alassio to experience one of the best beaches on the Italian Riviera. Check out the colorful buildings and head into the hills to see the impressive, and massive, houses built by the British. 

You should also head offshore to the island of Gallinara. Here you’ll find an abundance of flora, one of the largest colonies of herring seagulls in Liguria, and there’s a good chance you’ll see whales. It’s a stunning opportunity to get close to nature.

You should also take the opportunity to visit some of the other towns along this stretch of the coast, including Albenga and Sanremo. In fact, cruise a little further and you’ll be able to see Nice from the water. Of course, you’ll be in French waters then.

Don’t forget to include Genoa in your travel plans. This is a large city that sits on the edge of the sea, you need to see it from the water to really appreciate its size and its beauty. Give yourself enough time to check out some of the delights offered by this city, you won’t regret it.

Rent a catamaran in Liguria without skipper, our first-class team is there to help ensure you have the right boat and the experience of a lifetime. There are more reasons to experience this than there are not to!

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