Rent a Catamaran in Maddalena With Skipper

Catamaran Hire in Maddalena With Skipper

Rent a catamaran in Maddalena with skipper, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. You’re guaranteed to find a variety of stunning spots that you’ll never have found by yourself. You’ll also hear a few impressive stories regarding the history of the islands, their importance to Nelson, Napoleon, and Garibaldi, as well as smugglers in days gone by.

There’s no getting away from the fact that the Maddalena islands are stunning and you need to be at sea to really appreciate the rugged coastline, secluded sandy beaches, and surprisingly clear waters. The real decision is which type of boat you need to use.  You can rent a catamaran in Maddalena with skipper, or without and you’ll enjoy the stability and space that this type of craft offers. You can choose between motor or sail, confident that you’ll enjoy the tranquil waters and discover hidden treasures with the aid of a knowledgeable local skipper.

The main island of La Maddalena is just 20 minutes from the north of Sardinia, the ferry runs regularly and you’ll find an inviting, vibrant town awaits you. There’s a host of shops, cafes, and bars waiting for you. You should also spend a few minutes looking at the various buildings, the different styles reflect the trades and cultures that have passed through these islands over the years.

It’s worth taking the time to go around the island on the 20km long road. There are a host of fantastic beaches to find, although many are better accessed by sea. One of the highlights is the bridge that joins La Maddalena to Caprera, the second most important island in the group.

Walking over this bridge is a strange sensation as you float above the sea! You’ll find that Caprera has plenty of sites dedicated to the famous Italian hero Garibaldi. He retired to the island in the late part of the 19th century.  There are more stunning beaches, including the Cala Serena, just 15 minutes from Garibaldi beach

Back on La Maddalena, you should visit the Porticciolo di Cala Gavetta, a small cove with natural rock formations that many say are the most suggestive natural views in Europe. The Carlotto cape is home to the Madonnetta chapel and the pink granite rocks on Cala Francese are something special.

Once you’ve seen the sights from the land it’s time to rent a catamaran in Maddalena with skipper and head into ‘uncharted’ waters. Your skipper will guide you around the main two islands, allowing you to see the same sights from a different perspective. You’ll then be free to lose yourself in the other 5 larger islands, the array of tiny islands. All of these are only accessible by boat.

The beauty of renting a boat means you can spend as much time as you like in any spot you find, simply drop anchor and enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, along with a sunset to die for! No land-based sunset can match that of one seen from the deck of the boat as the stars start to appear 

Sailogy will be your guide through the entire process. Simply decide your budget, how many berths you need, and then take a look at the array of boats we have to offer. You can contact us to get friendly and professional advice before you rent a catamaran in Maddalena with skipper, or without if you prefer.

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