Rent a Catamaran in Maddalena Without Skipper

Catamaran Hire in Maddalena Without Skipper

The perfect combination for any vacation is sun, sand, and sea. Of course, you need vibrant towns and fascinating sights to create those memorable moments. But, you’ll only really appreciate the land when you look at it from the sea. That’s why you need to rent a catamaran in Maddalena without skipper.

This is especially true in the islands of Maddalena. There are 7 large islands in the group, La Maddalena is the largest and where 95% of the population live. Caprera is the second-largest and actually connected to La Maddalena via a 600-meter long beach. You’ll need a boat to really appreciate what this group of islands has to offer.

Getting to the islands is easy, there are regular ferry trips from the north coast of Sardinia that take you directly to Maddalena, the largest town on La Maddalena. Here you’ll find a vibrant town with a surprising number of cafes, bars, gift shops, and even cinemas. You’ll also find evidence of a very chequered history. The islands have been visited by Napoleon, Nelson, and most famously, Garibaldi who actually retired to Caprera, the second largest island.

The islands have been declared a national park, this helps to keep them unspoiled, making them one of the most beautiful places to visit in Europe. You’ll certainly be impressed by the quality of the water. In fact, you’ll feel like you’re in the Caribbean.

It’s worth taking a trip around the island on foot. There’s one 20km road that loops around, giving you access to an array of stunning beaches. It should be noted that some of these are only accessible from the sea.

If you’re looking for beaches try Cala Spalmatore, it’s protected from any wind and is fantastic for snorkeling. It’s also well-equipped and has a gentle shade of pink! On the western coast, you’ll find Testa del Polpo, ‘head of octopus’. The name is taken from its shape. Not only is it stunning, it’s also very shallow, making it the perfect spot if you have children with you.

Cross over the land bridge onto Caprera and you’ll discover a host of other amazing beaches. You’ll have to walk to them which is why you may prefer to discover them from the sea. Then you should take a look at Garibaldi’s museum before you head back to Maddalena, it is really worth a visit.

With the main islands covered it’s time to head to sea. Rent a catamaran in Maddalena without skipper and you’ll have complete freedom to travel around the 7 large islands and more than 50 tiny ones. Most are uninhabited and will make you feel that you’re the first person to step ashore. 

It’s worth checking out the Cala Corsara beach on the isle of Spargi, it's potentially the nicest beach of all. You should also look at the pink beach on Budelli and Cala Coticcio on Caprera. This one is especially difficult to reach by land, you’ll be glad you’re on your catamaran. 

It’s worth looking at Spiaggia del Ritto, there’s a shipwreck sat just off the beach, it’s a fascinating view from both land and sea. To finish, you should cruise to the small island of Santa Maria where you’ll find a beach of the same name. Only a few dozen people actually live on this island which almost guarantees the beach will be quiet. 

Cruise through the various inlets and tiny islands as you meander back to Maddalena and wonder why it took you so long to rent a catamaran in Maddalena without a skipper

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