Rent a Catamaran in Malta

Catamaran Hire in Malta

You can rent a sailboat or a motorboat but why, when you can rent a catamaran in Malta? A catamaran is the perfect option for all eager sailors. You can choose a catamaran with a motor, with sails, or with both. The twin-hull design ensures the boat is stable, although the waters around Malta are generally calm. You’ll also find catamarans are generally faster than sailboats, especially with the wind aft. 

Best of all, a catamaran gives you more space and luxury than a sailboat, more like a motorboat. You’ll have the beauty of being able to move with nature.

If that’s not a good enough reason to rent a catamaran in Malta and enjoy the warm Mediterranean climate, then perhaps the impressive sights on the island will help.

 It’s easiest to fly into Malta and then head to the port of Valletta where the boat you’ve organized with Sailogy will be waiting for you. However, you should allow yourself enough time to sample the inland delights of the island. Specifically Mdina, the ancient city and original capital of the island. Step through the gates and you’ll feel like you stepped into history, but this city is still inhabited. It’s a charming and unforgettable experience.

You should also take a look at Valletta before you head out to sea. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage site and was built by the Knights of Malta on the same scale of grandeur as other European cities of the time.

It’s a delightful mix of old and new, with plenty of eateries, bars, and great shopping experiences. There are also an array of impressive architectural structures and the beautiful Barrack Gardens.

Heading out to sea you’ll pass through the Grand Harbor, the largest natural harbor in the Mediterranean and one that is well worth sailing around. It's then advisable to go south. Along the coast, you’ll find an abundance of intriguing coves and natural rock formations. 

You’ll need to stop at Marsaxlokk, a beautiful and traditional fishing village where all the boats have painted eyes on them. It’s an impressive site, visiting on market day is recommended.

You should also check out Paola where there is a Hypogeum, an underground temple where the remains of 7,000 people have been found. It’s believed to be the only one of its kind in the world. 

At the southern tip, near the village of Zurrieq, you’ll find the Blue Grotto. It’s a chain of sea caves and caverns which have to be seen to really be appreciated. 

It’s then a good idea to sail up the western side of the island, there are less villages along this side but there are a number of stunning and very private spots that you can anchor up in if you wish. It’s worth pausing to admire the view of Malta, Gnejna Bay is a great spot for this;

As you reach the north of the island you’ll find Golden Bay, a haven for beach parties and barbeques. You’ll also find Mellieha, a beautiful stretch of sand popular with locals and tourists. Close to here is Popeye’s Village, a film set built-in 1979 which remains intact and is a great adventure, especially if you have children.

From here you’ll want to cruise across to Comino and admire the unspoiled island where cars are not allowed. The beaches and the waters are perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving.

To finish sail back down the eastern coast of Malta, admiring St Paul’s Island and the various coves as you return to Valletta.

There’s a lot to fit in which is why you need to rent a catamaran in Malta, with or without a skipper. It’s the best way of ensuring you see as much as possible of this fascinating Mediterranean paradise.

You’ll find the perfect catamaran to rent. Then, contact our first-class customer service team and we’ll navigate you through the rental process. You’ll be impressed by the affordability of our boats and the high standard of maintenance!

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