Rent a Catamaran in Rhodes

Catamaran Hire in Rhodes

Planning to rent a catamaran in Rhodes? That’s an excellent decision! There are so many things to discover and places to explore in the capital of Dodecanese and there’s no better way to do it than by having a catamaran to use. Because there are so many tourists who would visit Rhodes almost every month of the year, you will definitely enjoy your trip more when you have a private boat to use and you won’t have to squeeze in with other tourists in a crowded ferry. 

A catamaran is a luxurious way to travel by sea. It is a fairly large watercraft. It is multi-hulled which makes it very stable compared to other smaller boats like sailboats and motorboats. Even with bad weather, it would be hard to sway a catamaran to its side. So if you’re one who would feel sick while on the water, then you won’t feel the same way aboard a catamaran. 

Rhodes has so much to offer. Perhaps your first stop should and would be the Medieval City of Rhodes. In 1988, the Old Town was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It has witnessed a variety of civilizations so you’re in for a historic trip that of course, offers the comforts and luxury of modernity. When in the Old Town, you should see the museum, which is a former Byzantine fortress, the Palace of the Grand Master. It was built in the 7th Century AD so even a visit would be a magnificent experience already.

Right outside the Old Town of Rhodes is a ton of tourist attractions too. Since there are many tourists all the time, tourism facilities are abundant so you will definitely not lose your way. Ancient architectures like the post office, churches, theaters, and more are sights to behold. You must also visit The Aquarium if you are interested in seeing Greek studies of marine life. 

When you rent a catamaran in Rhodes, you have the freedom to choose where you want to visit next. You can get a catamaran on Sailogy with or without skipper. A skipper would make the trip more convenient for you because he will be manning your boat while you can just sit back and chill with a glass of wine in hand. The skipper can also tell you about the great places to visit and one of those would be Kallithea.

Kallithea is a must-visit for all Rhodes tourists. Its shores by the Faliraki beach is lined with charming hotels where you can spend a night or two. You can lounge by the golden beach while having a taste of authentic Greek delicacies. When hunger strikes, you can go to some of the restaurants in the area for mouthwatering Greek recipes by the local chefs. 

Greece is known for having many charming ancient and traditional villages. When you rent a catamaran in Rhodes, one of those villages you can visit is Koskinou. The colorful homes of the locals will surely make you awe-inspired so make sure you have a fully charged camera to take a lot of photos while in the area. It would be the ideal backdrop for your travel photos! 

Sailors and those who love water activities should also visit Ialissós, another cosmopolitan holiday resort in Rhodes. Aside from its action-packed beach with plenty of water sports to engage in, you can also take a hike up the Filerimos Hill to see the Monastery of the Virgin Mary. A further hike will take you to the site of the Via Circus. 

All these and more you can enjoy when you rent a catamaran in Rhodes.

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