Rent a Catamaran in Rhodes With Skipper

Catamaran Hire in Rhodes With Skipper

Even if you know how to sail and have the license to sail, it would still be a more convenient and enjoyable travel experience when you rent a catamaran in Rhodes with skipper. Rhodes, the capital of Dodecanese, has its large share of tourists yearly. Especially when you dislike large crowds or sharing crowded ferries and boats for island hopping with strangers, then your own private catamaran would be an excellent choice. 

When you travel with a skipper, you need not worry about manning your boat anymore. The catamaran is a large boat and there would be enough space for a fairly large group. Instead of worrying about where to go to next, you can sit back, relax, and bond with your companions over a drink or two. You can rent a catamaran in Rhodes with skipper for a few days or weeks at a time. It is a practical choice especially if you decide to go on an island hopping escapade around Rhodes. Ferry rides are quite expensive in the area - in fact, sometimes more expensive than plane rides! Since there are so many tourists in Rhodes, there are also many flights available making tickets to fly in and out of Rhodes very cheap. 

Ask your skipper to tell you all about the exciting destinations you must visit when you are in Rhodes. For instance, it is very obvious that the highlight of your trip would be a trip down to the Medieval City of Rhodes. This Old Town area features the Palace of the Grand Master, which is now a historical museum. This ancient architecture has been around since the 7th century AD when it was built originally as a Byzantine fortress. There’s also the cobblestoned Street of the Knights. Check out the medieval inns in this area and you will be pleasantly surprised too! 

Rent a catamaran in Rhodes with skipper so he can take you around the island too such as in the cosmopolitan holiday resort of Kallithea. There are several pretty hotels by the Faliraki beach. You can also go to Koskinou, a charming traditional village featuring colorful villager homes that would certainly look amazing in every photo you take.

Would you like to try out windsurfing or kitesurfing? Then head on to the favorite spot for sailors when in Rhodes, Ialissós. When you rent a catamaran in Rhodes with skipper, you can ask your skipper to dock here so you can explore the area on foot. You can lounge by the beach or take a hike to the lush forests. Fragrant pine trees and cypresses line the path towards the Filerimos Hill. Take a deep breath and be pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the Monastery of the Virgin Mary. There are also ruins in the area. 

Back on your catamaran, if night falls and you’re still nearby Ialissós, then you will have the breathtaking view of the Via Crucis. This is a large cross that illuminates itself at night. It is so big that it can be seen clearly in nearby islands such as in Symi. 

When you rent a catamaran in Rhodes with skipper, you can be sure that you will be safe while traveling on water. The skipper can also be your guide and let you know about the stories and spots only locals know about. This will certainly be a treat for any tourist. 

Book your catamaran on Sailogy so you can choose among a variety of boats depending on your budget and the amenities you are looking for. This is a hassle-free and very convenient way for you to plan a fun Rhodes vacation!

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