Rent a Catamaran in Sardinia With Skipper

Catamaran Hire in Sardinia With Skipper

When you are going to Italy's premier holiday destination, there is no better way to get around the area compared to when you rent a catamaran in Sardinia with skipper. Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is such a huge island that is it is made up of 2,000 kilometers of coastline. Many will travel to Sardinia for leisure and for a luxurious vacation while others would prefer a rugged adventure. Either way, when you have a catamaran with you during your visit, it would be a whole lot easier and convenient to get around the island and beyond.

One of the most popular destinations when in Sardinia is Olbia. This is where you will find plenty of archaeological sites that will show you the rich history of the island. Furthermore, you will be able to visit the San Simplicio Basilica, which is an old yet very charming church. Also in Olbia are some of the best restaurants in all of Italy. You can enjoy a gastronomic experience when in Sardinia as you have a taste of some authentic Italian cuisine and many other treats that are available in the area.

When you rent a catamaran in Sardinia with skipper, you might have to splurge and spend a little bit more for your vacation. However, when you think about it, you might even save quite a bit! When you pay for your catamaran, remember that you can also use it as accommodation. There will be no need to take guided tours and pay for expensive ferries. You can easily explore the island in peace by renting a catamaran.

And if you would like to stay within budget during your vacation, it would be wise to book and rent a catamaran in Sardinia with skipper during the off-peak season. Just make sure you’re doing your research well regarding the climate and weather during the month of your visit to ensure that you will be allowed to set sail into the wide and open sea. Sardinia Island is located in the Mediterranean Sea and the waters that surround it are generally calm and good for sailors. But there are times of the year when boats won’t be allowed to sail due to weather conditions. 

When in Sardinia, there are many other places to visit especially when you rent a catamaran in Sardinia with skipper, these destinations can easily be reached. For instance, you can go to Portisco where sailing, marinas, beaches, and watersports are the main highlight. Porto Cervo, which is in the glamorous and dazzling Emerald Coast, is the best place to go when you want to enjoy the social life and nightlife of Sardinia. There are tons of restaurants and cafes, shopping centers, harbors, luxury villas, and plenty of hangouts too. When you do have a skipper on your catamaran, you won’t have to worry if you had a little too much to drink because the skipper will be in charge of your boat. 

For those who would like to rent a catamaran in Sardinia with skipper at reasonable prices. There are many catamarans to choose from – depending on the size, passenger capacity, make and model, features, and amenities that you prefer. Just choose your travel dates, which could be a few days to several weeks at a time, and then book your trip! All these can be done in the comfort and convenience of your home while on your computer! And there it is, you are now ready for your dream vacation!

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