Rent a Catamaran in Split With Skipper

Catamaran Hire in Split With Skipper

Split is the second largest city in Croatia, almost floating on a small peninsula in the central Dalmatia region. With a flurry of secluded beaches, hidden coves, magical lagoons, and fine stony walls; it is also one of the most beautiful place in the country. Charmed by the crystal clear waters that are perfect for sailing, the city and its nearby islands are frequented by thousands of sailing enthusiasts. If you also want to have a taste of this sailing adventure by the harbours of Split, renting a catamaran with skipper is your best option.

Of course, renting a spacious catamaran is never as expensive as owning one. It also doesn’t come with the hassles of doing all the maintenance works. What makes it way more interesting and convenient is the opportunity to rent one in Split with ease, thanks to the world leading boat rental service provider Sailogy.

At Sailogy, you can choose from a plethora of luxury catamaran that are regularly tested by our experts at an affordable price. To facilitate the most relaxed sailing experience, you can also take advantage of the opportunity to rent a catamaran with skipper.

Having a skipper on board a catamaran or any other chartered watercrafts is a practice performed by both the novice and the seasoned sailors. It allows the one-timers or the beginners to taste the adventure of sailing without needing to have a sailing license. For experienced sailors, it offers the opportunity to get their hands free and the mind relaxed; while enjoying the sunshine, the gentle breeze and the other beauties ashore.

As skippers from Sailogy are not only the experts of navigation, but also the experts of Split; you get to kill two birds in stone by chartering one of our catamarans with skipper. He will advise you on choosing the best itinerary based on your requirements, drive the boat along the safest and the most enjoyable routes, and offer suggestions for the best places to enjoy a holiday of maximum fun and enjoyments in Split.

As our catamarans are very spacious, and some of them comes with their own kitchens and dining areas; you can even choose to spend your entire holiday riding on the boat. In that case, hiring a professional hostess would take away the burden of cleaning and serving snacks and foods on your journey; giving you the opportunity to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones.

Once you are done with choosing your boat, there are plenty of things to do and see in and around Split. While you can ask for advice from your skipper, enjoying the sun setting on the peninsula is always a must-have experience. You can also skip the crowds of the bustling Splits, and anchor your boat along the harbours of the nearby Solta Island. The island feels like a suburb, yet it’s been mostly untouched and famous for the appearance of some protected species such as the monk seals. Have a sunbath on the spacious deck, or dive into crystal clear water and go snorkelling with the Dolphins. Also, don’t forget to taste its locally produced wines and collect some honeys and olive oils.

For a once in a lifetime dining experience with your family, though, you have to drive towards the Brac Island, where there are many resorts styled hotels and shore facing restaurants. To experience a unique nightlife on an island, just go further along the Brac channel and anchor your boat on the Island of Hva; which is loaded with chic bars and nightclubs.

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