Rent a Catamaran in Split Without Skipper

Catamaran Hire in Split Without Skipper

If you have always dreamed about going on a sailing vacation along the magnificent Adriatic Sea in Split, you can easily turn it into a reality by renting a catamaran with or without skipper from Sailogy.

Owning a yacht is a dream often not attainable for a variety of reasons. First of all, luxurious yachts like Catamaran are very expensive, doesn’t serve a lot of practical purpose, and requires the technical knowledge of sailing and maintenance. Even if you own one, it’s not ideal to take it along in every sailing location you visit, whether alone or with friends and family.

Anyways, if you are planning to go on a sailing trip in Split or you are already there to have your perfect sailing holiday, you don’t have to go through the hassle of bringing your own boat. You can just rent an elegant catamaran from the array of choices offered by Sailogy, and get down to explore the wonderful Adriatic Sea. With the opportunity to charter one without skipper would also allow you to have a very personal experience with your friends and family, just like you dreamed you would on-board of your very own catamaran. In order to rent one without skipper, though, you must have a sailing license valid to use in Croatia

Chartering one of our catamarans is like renting a private suite, except that this suite has the ability to take you to different places and offer you diverse, panoramic view at every turn. Our collection of catamaran is also a delight to sail and navigate, with little to no rolling, great stability and incredible performance. Spacious, roomy, and with the advantage of adding a lot of optional extras on Sailogy; you are sure to have your best sailing experience ever.

However, before going out on sea excursions, it’s also worth spending some time exploring the beautiful city of Split, a crown jewel in the midlands of the Croatians peninsula. The city has a history that goes beyond the Roman era, and still showcases some of its past glory. The Palace of Diocletian is a glorious sight to behold, with it being listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The old town Split is also very charming, while the Croatian National Theatre offers the chance to have a sophisticated night out with your family. For the energetic ones, Split has a world famous electronic dance music scene, as well as nightclubs that keep their doors open all night long. The prolonged coffee culture, along with the great tasting foods also add to the experience.

Once in the sea, on-board of your chartered catamaran, you can just relax and navigate along the delightful harbours, paying heed to our expert suggestions and route guidelines. You can also choose to have your on course. After all, it’s you who is the captain of your luxury boat. Watching the sunset while floating afar from the shore is a once in a lifetime experience in Split, while many also prefers to go snorkelling in its quieter, nearby island of Solta. If you prefer, you can also anchor your boat in the islands’ splendid cove Nečujam and get down its shore to explore inland.

Just a bit further, along the Brac channel, you would also find the island trio of Brac, Hvar, and Vis. Although they sit pretty close to each other, each of the islands has its own characteristics to charm their visitors. It is also where you can enjoy a delightful meal in of the posh restaurants, all the while enjoying the charms of the Adriatic Sea.

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