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Catamaran Hire in Zadar

A catamaran is a double-hulled watercraft, which makes one of the most stable smaller water vehicles. Its wide beam and the two equally sized hulls make the catamaran remain in place even when the sea is not as calm as you want it to be. Especially when you’re one who gets easily seasick but you would still love to go on a cruise, then you should definitely try to rent a catamaran in Zara. Never as shaky as a sailboat in rough waters, a catamaran would be the perfect accommodation so you can enjoy the sea for days to weeks at a time!

The Province of Zara was officially dissolved in 1947 after the World War II. It is now known as the city of Zadar in Croatia right off the coast of the Adriatic Sea. While it isn’t as popular as neighboring cities like Dubrovnik for sailors and tourists, it is equally beautiful and in fact more enjoyable especially for those looking for a luxurious vacation in peace and quiet. It is less noisy and crowded but you can still enjoy the peaceful sea, exciting tourist destinations and amazing views all around the city.

When you rent a catamaran in Zara, you no longer have to get a hotel room as there would be comfortable rooms in your catamaran where you can stay for weeks at a time. There’s enough space for you to have friends and companions over as well. Since the boat is very stable and cannot easily be overturned even by strong waves, you wouldn’t have to worry about swaying back and forth all the time aboard your catamaran.

While you are in Zara, you can enjoy the amazing view of the city straight from your catamaran. You can easily spot the Sea Organ, which looks like stairs from afar where tourists and locals hang out with a wonderful view of the sea. It is called the Sea Organ because it produces a beautiful hum just like music coming from a harmonica when the water fills its gaps and the waves. You can even hear its faint lovely sound while you’re aboard your catamaran at sea.

There’s also the magical solar dancehall - dancehall right beside the seawalls that are built with solar panels. The panels absorb sunlight that’s transformed into the energy that lights up the floors at night. With music and drinks, locals and tourists alike can enjoy dancing all night in this one-of-a-kind disco right in Zara!

If you’re into beaches but not a huge fan of the dark sand beaches of Croatia, you will be pleasantly surprised by what Saharun can offer. It is just a short ferry ride from the city of Zara but since you already have your catamaran, then you would no longer need a ferry to get there. The white sand beach and turquoise blue shallows make this a picturesque sight not only great to build memories during your luxury vacation but also a lovely place to take a dip while in Zara!

Zadar is filled with wonders from marble floors on its streets, pine-scented islands nearby, a wide range of wines, the most delicious and freshest seafood, and a whole lot of vegetarian cuisines. It is rich with tradition, culture, and history. The best way to maximize your visit to this old yet charming city is when you check out some of the best watercraft in Sailogy. You may rent a catamaran in Zara at reasonable prices with or without a skipper. Choose one based on model, year made, features, amenities, and more!

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