Rent a Motorboat in Aegadian Islands

Motorboat Hire in Aegadian Islands

The peaceful and well-composed Aegadian islands are the beautiful gems of the mighty Mediterranean Sea. The three major islands of Favignana, Marettimo and Levanzo are best accessed when you rent a motorboat in Aegadian islands from the main cities of Trapani or Marsala in Sicily. A motorboat is a fun and fast way to explore these beautiful islands while having a thrilling voyage by sea. You can rent a motorboat in Aegadian islands with or without a skipper, and be the master of your own boat and shape the perfect itinerary. Motorboats provide an intimate and personal experience that’s hard to get via mainland, as the most popular attractions are often swarmed with tourists during peak vacation seasons. 

Most people start their nautical tourism with the island of Favignana. It is the most robust and lively island of this unique and charming archipelago. It was once named Djazirat ‘ar Rahib or the Monk Island by Arabs, who built majestic castles by the cliffs where monks resided in peace and seclusion. With the changing cultural influences and historic events, it finally became Favignana, derived from Favono, which are the playful, strong winds blowing from West. When you rent a motorboat in Aegadian islands, you can reach all the lovely beaches by sea. Some of the famous ones include Calamoni, Cala Azzurra and Lido Burrone. They have the finest golden sand to soak your feet and enjoy the long stretches of deep turquoise sea, as people all around indulge in a variety of fun watersports. 

Along with these, you can also reach far and deep to the hidden gems of the island, with secluded bays and coves ideal for a romantic getaway to avoid the swarm of tourists and have a private time of your own. The famous coves of the Aegadian islands include Punta Preveto, Punta Faraglione, Punta Lunga and Punta Sottile. They have beautiful sandy shores where pebbles shine like diamonds and the hilly backdrop offers a breathtaking panorama, providing an ideal setting to take the perfect holiday pictures. Warm your skin against the sunbaked sand and enjoy the beautiful sunset while sipping on your favorite cocktails. If you wish to have an outdoorsy, adrenaline pumping experience, head to Cala Rossa, a bay famous for snorkeling and parasailing. 

Most villages and caves are also easily reachable when you rent a motorboat in Aegadian islands. These make for an amazing cultural attraction with a rich history. The Museum Ex-Stabilimento Florio in Favignana has artefacts that are engaging and captivating. Most of these artefacts tell the tales of the historic periods and how they influenced and changed the islands, while still keeping the unspoiled beaches and caves the same as ever. One of these artefacts is the Fascia del Pellegrino, also known as the pilgrim’s flask, which dates as far back as the 15th century. 

Start your voyage by renting a motorboat in Aegadian islands on the ports of Marsala or Trapani. Favignana is easier to reach as it has many links with the mainland and ports. From there you can set sail to Levanzo, and then to Marettimo, which is furthest away from the main city of Sicily. 

If you wish to rent a motorboat in Aegadian islands with or without skipper, try the services of Sailogy, with great values and beautiful and efficient motorboats. It is one of the best ways to explore the islands in style and agility. If you have an experience in sailing, and have a license to operate the motorboat yourself, rent a motorboat in Aegadian islands without skipper and be the captain of your own ship. However, if you are looking for a more laid back and relaxing time, you can also get a trained skipper to carry you through this adventure. 

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