Rent a Motorboat in Costiera Amalfitana

Motorboat Hire in Costiera Amalfitana

You deserve a rewarding holiday, one that you will remember for a lifetime. Are you considering a trip to Italy as a self-reward soon? If yes, then it would be an awesome idea to rent a motorboat in Amalfi Coast. This is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations you will find on the planet. In fact, it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site so that its natural beauty can be preserved for the generations to come. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or sailor or if this is your first time to travel by water, you will surely have the most exciting experience when you ride a motorboat to get to all thirteen villages in the Amalfi Coast during your visit. 

There are over a dozen villages found in the Amalfi Coast and each of them is beautiful and unique in their own right. If you should be visiting this 50-kilometer coastline in the port city of Salerno in southern Italy, you should know that the best months to come would be between April and October. If you don’t like to go when the coastline is too crowded, then you should go in the months of May and September. If you love socializing and meeting other tourists and sailors during your travel, then you must definitely go there in July and August. It is most crowded in Amalfi Coast during these months and you will see the beaches lined with so many umbrellas and sunbathing tourists. 

When you rent a motorboat in Amalfi Coast, you can choose to get a skipper or travel on your own. When you do get a skipper, then he will surely take you to those places that you didn’t know existed. But when you use the motorboat on your own, whether you’re a solo traveler or you’re with a companion or two, you can enjoy the privacy of traveling and setting sail at your own pace and time.

You should certainly visit Amalfi, which is the first of the Four Maritime Republics of Italy. The cliffside seems to be covered by snow from afar because of the cluster of white houses that are just too pretty. The main square of Amalfi is where you will find the Cathedral of St. Andrew. When you travel on foot, you can explore the covered alleys and stairways too. You must take some photos by the bell tower and the Ancient Arsenals of the Republic. You should also drop by the Cloister of Paradise and the Handmade Paper Museum. 

The most popular tourist destination in the Amalfi Coast is Positano. Many tourists would come to this area just to go here. The locals sell skillfully handmade leather sandals. You can also shop for Modo Positano, these are cotton and linen clothes made by the locals of Positano. What makes Positano stand out among other destinations not only in Amalfi Coast but the entire world is its magnificent vertical landscape. The white-washed houses are built on top of the mountain while following the actual shape of the mountain. Just looking at the photos will already get you mesmerized, what more if you’re looking at it straight from your motorboat? 

Travel in style, speed, and power when you rent a motorboat in Amalfi Coast. Look at the motorboats available in a variety of sizes and power capacities. Identify the time of your visit and the number of days or weeks you would like to explore the Amalfi coast. Reserve the boat you prefer and you will be on your way to the Italian vacation of your dreams!

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