Rent a Motorboat in Lefkas

Motorboat Hire in Lefkas

Encompassing the west coastline of Greece, Lefkas offers a unique travel experience for nature lovers. The Ionian Sea is best explored through waters, and one of the finest ways to do is to rent a motorboat in Lefkas. Motorboats are a popular choice, as they are easy to operate, and allows you to reach secluded parts of the island that are only accessible via sea. You can rent a motorboat in Lefkas with or without a skipper, and have an inimitable experience amidst the turquoise waters, picturesque villages and exceptional landscapes of the island. 

There are many marinas to set as the starting point of your itinerary. Some of the most popular ones include the Nydri Port, Preveza Marina, Perigalli Marina and Nikiana Marina. Nydri is a beautiful town in Lefkas on the eastern coast of the island, just 20kms North of Lefkada town and 20kms south of Vassiliki. It offers a straightforward route from the airport and ferry port. The most popular daytrips for Nydri port is sailing to Meganisi Island to enjoy the spectacular landscapes and also get a taste of the legendary Skorpios Island in one trip. When you rent a motorboat in Lefkas, you can enjoy sailing along the west winds and absorb the beauty of the surrounding amphitheater of lush mountains and rolling hills, decked with vibrant olive groves and pine forest. They are a source of water for the beautiful Rahi waterfall that keeps the area cool even during summers. 

Sailing to the East of Nydri, the mountains stretch towards the Bay of Nydri. It offers a quaint and unique experience that’s different from open sea, as it gives the feel of a rather large lake instead of an ocean. Don’t miss out on the exceptional experience and rent a motorboat in Lefkas to discover the exquisite islands and beaches. Some of the nearby destinations, including Skorpios with the popular Onassis family and the secluded island of Madouri with its unique house, are only allowed for exploration via sailing, and the passengers are not allowed to land. 

If you are new to sailing and wish to rent a motorboat in Lefkas without skipper, the calm waters of the Nydri port also make it a great spot to learn how to sail before you set off for adventures of your own. The fascinating coastline sparks the interest of sailors with a variety of secluded and sheltered bays with plenty of sightseeing opportunities that can’t be accessed by land. Many tourists enjoy local boat trips in pleasant summer weathers, but an intimate and private experience only comes when you rent a motorboat in Lefkas with or without a skipper and explore it yourself. 

On the north side of this picturesque village, you’ll find the Nydri beach. The smoothly shelving shingle, sand and pebbles of the beach are beautified with the clear and blue waters, and there are several beach front restaurants and bars. It is a bit narrow and it can get quite crowded at the harbor end, so if you want a quieter experience you can sail 4kms to a more secluded long beach. It is situated about 500m from the Perigalli harbor and offers a calming vibe and intimate experience. 

In order to enjoy a safe and comfortable sailing trip, rent a motorboat in Lefkas through Sailogy, one of the safest choices when deciding to explore the island by sea. You can rent a motorboat through the many ports nearby Lefkas and have a distinctive experience of the Ionian Greece. 

1 boat
  • Power boat
  • 2002
  • 49 ft

Azimut 46

Lefkas, Lefkas Area

  • Skipper on board
  • 6 berths
  • 3 cabins
  • 2 WC
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