Rent a Motorboat in Maddalena

Motorboat Hire in Maddalena

Just off the western coast of Italy in the Tyrrhenian Sea, the biggest islands you’ll see are Corsica and Sardinia. But, between these two, there is a hidden gem. 

Maddalena is the capital of the island of La Maddalena, one of 7 larger islands and more than 50 tiny islands known as the Maddalena islands. Situated just 20 minutes from the coast of Sardinia you could simply take a day trip by boat to check out the main island.

You’d be missing out. Experienced sailors and the locals will tell you: you’ll need to rent a motorboat in Maddalena to really appreciate this paradise. It actually feels like you’re in a rugged Caribbean with summer temperatures between 28°C and 34°C and little wind.

That’s why renting a motorboat is such a good idea, it’s easy, you can choose to have a skipper or not, although you’ll need one if you have a boat over 30hp and don’t have a license. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about how feeble the wind is, you’ll still be able to sail around.

It’s best to explore the island by foot or by car, the scenic road around the island is just 20km long, giving you time to enjoy the stunning scenery and the warm climate. You’ll need to stop at the Spiaggia di Tegge, a natural cove with oddly shaped rocks in the water. This also needs to be appreciated from the sea. In addition, the Madonnetta chapel is located in Carlotto, a small cape on the island. 

Whether you’re a beach lover or not you’ll also want to check out the 600-meter bridge that connects the island of Maddalena to Caprera, walking on this, with just sea below you is a unique and exhilarating experience.

Finish your on-land experience with a look around the town of Maddalena. This is a place that has clearly been shaped by the numerous traders passing through. But, there’s a distinct Italian feel mixed with classic English hospitality. It’s hard not to be charmed by the lively atmosphere, plentiful drinking establishments, and the sing-song regional dialect.

Next, you’ll want to rent a motorboat in Maddalena and head to sea, travel around the island and find plenty of secluded coves, often only accessible by boat. You can navigate the 20 minutes to Sardinia but you may prefer to spend your time checking out the other islands, these are only accessible by boat. Rent a motorboat in Maddalena and you’ll have the freedom to explore all the other islands!

Don’t forget to check out the shipwreck off the coast of Caprera island in Spiaggia del Relitto, just don’t become one yourself!

The predominant feature is stunning beaches with turquoise waves lapping against their shores. However, even if you’re not a beach lover, you’ll find the heady mix of stunning views, warm weather, and deserted islands impressive. 

Sailogy is here to help you choose the right motorboat to rent, with or without a skipper. Simply take a look at our site to discover the array of motorboats on offer and our attractive prices. You’ll be certain to find a boat that fits your needs. 

Then, you can speak to our first-class customer service team and arrange to rent a motorboat in Maddalena for the dates that suit you best. One thing is certain, you’ll have an experience that you’ll never forget. In fact, you may even want to book a bigger boat for the following year and show off this almost undiscovered archipelago to your friends. 

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