Rent a Motorboat in Malta Without Skipper

Motorboat Hire in Malta Without Skipper

The Maltese Islands have 7,000 years of history. Thanks to their strategic location in the Mediterranean they have been visited and occupied by many different civilizations over the years. Every one of them has left their mark, creating some truly stunning pieces of architecture, several of which are UNESCO protected. 

There is no better way to explore this sunny paradise than if you rent a motorboat in Malta without skipper. While a skipper may show you hidden coves and locations that are only known to locals if you want to really feel like an explorer you’re going to need to take the controls yourself and plot your own course.

The main starting point in Malta is Valletta, the capital city. It sits on a small peninsula with the Grand Harbor to one side. At just over three and a half kilometers, this is the largest natural harbor in the Mediterranean. You’ll want to find the time to cruise around it, admiring the natural beauty and visiting the other three cities that border the harbor, Vittoriosa, Senglea, and Cospicua. You’ll also find a host of ancient fortifications and you should take a look at the beautifully landscaped Barrrakka Gardens.

Once you leave the harbor you’ll be spoilt for choice. The entire coastline is full of enticing coves and deep blue seas. To the south side of the port, you’ll be able to admire Marsaxlokk, a traditional fishing village with an excellent Sunday market and all the boats have eyes painted on them.  It’s a great spot to chat to the locals and sample some authentic food.

Further on you’ll find the Hypogeum in Paola, the only-known pre-historic underground temple in the world. There are remains of over 7,000 people but visitor numbers are strictly limited. 

Heading north out of the Grand harbor will allow you to motor up the coast, there are plenty of spots to stop and admire along the way. You will need to take a look at Mellieha Bay in the north, it’s stunning beach with a huge expanse of sand and plenty of facilities. It does get busy! Just around the corner from this is Popeye Village, a fascinating view of film making in the 1970s. The entire village was created for the film ‘Popeye’ and remains standing to this day as a major tourist attraction.

You should also check out Golden Bay on the northwestern side of the island. Being at the top of Malta will give you the opportunity to motor across the South Comino Channel and around Comino, the smallest of the 3 inhabited islands and one where no cars are allowed. Check out the Blue Lagoon and you’ll find some of the best waters for snorkeling and scuba diving in the Med.

Motor across the North Comino Channel and you’ll touch the shores of Gozo, this is where the Blue Azure Window stood until it was destroyed in storms. 

The amount of exploring you do will depend on the time you have available, there are certainly enough things to do to fill 2 weeks of cruising around these islands and you’ll want to spare some time to check out the inland sites, such as Mdina, the original capital of Malta. 

The good news is that providing you have a license for motorboats over 30hp, you’ll find it easy to rent a motorboat in Malta without skipper, just take a look and contact our first-class customer service team. They’ll navigate you through the entire process and ensure you're ready for the experience of a lifetime.

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