Rent a Motorboat in Sporades With Skipper

Motorboat Hire in Sporades With Skipper

Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, and Skyros are the only four inhabited islands among the twenty-four that you can visit when you go to The Sporades. Make the most out of your visit when you rent a motorboat in Sporades with skipper! The skipper will make sure that you explore all the hidden and unhidden gems of the archipelago and will keep you company to ensure that your trip is always convenient and safe. 

The Sporades is a top destination for many nature lovers. If you don’t call yourself a nature lover yet, then you probably will after your trip to the Sporades. There are so many amazing destinations and attractions to discover. Many of the islands remain untouched and unspoiled so this is truly nature at its best. 

Those who enjoy going to the beach will definitely have a grand time in the Sporades. Because there’s more than just one beach to visit, it would be a great idea if you have a motorboat that will let you conveniently hop from one island to another. In some islands, there’s even more than one beach to enjoy! 

The turquoise blue seas and clean sand make the Sporades’ islands a great destination for those who love swimming and lounging by the beach area. Prepare some wine and snacks to make the experience even more enjoyable! You can even bring your diving and snorkeling gear if you’d like to explore the very rich marine life under the Aegean Sea. 

Alonissos has a marine reserve, the largest in the Mediterranean, and you are free to explore this area too. Be amazed as you see the dolphins jumping in and out of the water and some monk seals making cute and funny faces. 

Especially when you’re staying in your motorboat for weeks at a time, you might get tired of the water at some point. Just head on to one of those four inhabited islands mentioned above and make sure you’re trying their authentic cuisine too. Everything’s just too delicious thanks to the freshest ingredients that are available right in the Sporades islands - olives, cheese, lamb, and of course limitless seafood choices! 

When you rent a motorboat in Sporades with skipper, you may also request to dock and explore lush forests on foot. The fragrance of pine will fill you up and make you feel even closer to nature. Make sure you keep your cameras charged because you will surely want to take a lot of photos during your exploration. 

Have you seen Mamma Mia!, the movie? The movie location was set in Skopelos, an island in the Sporades. Take lots of photos there and explore every street corner that’s just as beautiful as the other. 

Life in the Sporades is pretty slow so this is the best time for you to take the opportunity to relax, chill, and just lounge. Take the nature in and be amazed by what this archipelago has to offer. While the pace is slow on land, you can speed it up to full throttle when you’re on the water. Since you will rent a motorboat in Sporades with skipper, you can safely cruise the Aegean Sea at full speed without worrying about a thing. 

Choose from a wide range of motorboats at Sailogy that you can use while in the Sporades. You can rent one for a week or several weeks and you won’t even have to worry about accommodation anymore because these motorboats are already equipped with comfortable amenities that will make you feel right at home!

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