Rent a Sailboat in Aeolian Islands With Skipper

Rent a Sailboat in Aeolian Islands With Skipper

Sailboat Hire in Aeolian Islands With Skipper

If there’s one place in the world that you should visit in this lifetime for a vacation that you would remember forever, that would be Italy’s Aeolian Islands. This archipelago made up of seven wonderful islands is certainly what a dream vacation would be like. And it just gets better when you choose to rent a sailboat in Aeolian Islands with skipper

A skipper for your sailboat would mean that you are getting help to sail the boat. This also means that you can sit back and relax and have a joyous time as you explore the wonders of this UNESCO-protected area in the Tyrrhenian Sea. 

The first of the islands that you should visit when you rent a sailboat in Aeolian Islands with skipper is Vulcano. There are black sand beaches, warm and relaxing mud baths, and plenty of other activities to enjoy. However, your skipper would probably discourage you to stay overnight there. It would only be great as a day trip. As its name suggests, there is an active volcano on the island and it smells like sulfur all over. 

The largest island in Aeolian Islands would be Lipari. It is also the liveliest of them all! There are museums, a ton of restaurants, beach resorts and the sea is just like the Bahamas! Make sure you take the opportunity to have a taste of authentic Italian cuisine during your visit here. 

Stromboli would be the last island you will see from the eastern side of the Aeolian Islands. It is so picturesque, private, beautiful, and just magnificent that even the world-famous designers Dolce and Gabbana built a holiday home here! 

When you rent a sailboat in Aeolian Islands with skipper, you can plan your trip ahead and identify the areas you want to visit and more. Since the skipper already knows much about the area, you can ask him to suggest places to visit and other attractions Google probably didn’t inform you about. 

Who would have thought that the best night clubs in Italy can be found in a remote island right in the Aeolian archipelago? Panarea is situated on the northeast side of Salina, the next largest island in the area. If you’re fond of music and parties, then Panarea would be the best place to go! There’s great music, drinks, and food and you can enjoy all night long! 

Alicudi, the last of the seven islands when you rent a sailboat in Aeolian Islands with skipper, is also a must-visit. There are only 80 people who live here and they say that many of them are related and belong to just one family! There’s a small stony beach where boats can dock. There are also fishing boats in all colors found there. Once again, no motor vehicles here - just mules! There’s also one hotel and a few apartments. You will surely have the best time hiking while admiring the lovely paths lined with flowers and pretty wild herbs. 

Water activities, hiking, great food, parties, awesome drinks, and so much more - there’s plenty to enjoy when you rent a sailboat in Aeolian Islands with skipper. When you go to Sailogy, you can select the best sailboat that would be perfect for your trip. You can rent a boat for just a couple of days or even a few weeks - depending on how long you want to stay in the Aeolian Islands. With a nice sailboat and a skipper to assist you, you would never have to worry about squeezing into small ferries with strangers. You can go island hopping all you want!