Rent a Sailboat in Dubrovnik

Rent a Sailboat in Dubrovnik

Sailboat Hire in Dubrovnik Croatia

The beauty of the Adriatic Sea is only one of the many magnificent views you can enjoy when traveling to southern Croatia. See the best of this brilliant destination when you rent a sailboat in Dubrovnik. Aboard a sailboat, you can see some of the most sought after tourist destinations on this side of the world. 

The Walls of Dubrovnik is a defensive stone wall structure is one of the most popular sites you will see as you sail across the Adriatic waters. It has been written that these walls were built for centuries. Records of its first construction were in the 14th century but the city continued to strengthen and extend the structure until the 17th century.

An ancient jewel that shows the love of the and protectiveness of the Dubrovnik residents to their city, this is truly a sight to behold. 
Just 600 meters from the shores of Dubrovnik lies the island of Lokrum. Although there are direct ferry services that can take you straight to the island, nothing beats the satisfaction of traveling on a boat. When you rent a sailboat in Dubrovnik with or without a skipper, Lokrum is certainly one of those views that you will get to see.
The best part of this island would be its monastery that is said to be built by the Austrian archduke Maximilian. The island, small as it may be, also boasts of the Fort Royal Castle, also known as the Maximilian’s Tower. It lies on the highest point of the island - 96 meters above sea level. Also a great view to enjoy when you rent a sailboat in Dubrovnik.
Another ancient feature of Dubrovnik, also known as Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar, is the Lovrijenac. It is a theater and fortress that lies 37 meters above sea level on the western side of the city. Although it is best visited by land, it also offers a wonderful view when you’re traveling by sea. 

Dubrovnik boasts of ancient architecture and breathtaking sights all around the city. There’s a generous amount of museums, wineries, beaches, and markets so a few days in the city wouldn’t be enough to enjoy all of the attractions it offers.
If you are visiting Dubrovnik, you can also schedule tours on cable cars or you can travel around the city on foot. However, any tourist who has ever been in this fabulous city would highly recommend you to rent a sailboat in Dubrovnik as it gives you a better view of the city from afar. 
The calm waters and clear blue sea make a sailing trip in Dubrovnik worth your while. If you have a sailing license, you may rent a sailboat without a skipper. However, if you choose to rent a sailboat in Dubrovnik with a skipper, not only will you experience the comfort and convenience of traveling, but also have an expert in the local scene to tell you about all the views and happenings around the city. 
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It will be an experience to remember for a lifetime. Choose from a variety of sailboats available. You can get a list of suggested routes and destinations so you won’t miss the best of Dubrovnik. 

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