Rent a Sailboat in Dubrovnik Without Skipper

Rent a Sailboat in Dubrovnik Without Skipper

Sailboat Hire in Dubrovnik Without Skipper

Enjoy the beauty of Dubrovnik at your own pace, own time, and preferred route. Feel the freedom brought to you by the sea when you rent a sailboat in Dubrovnik without skipper. When you have a license to sail on your own, you can choose from sailboats in the Sailogy catalog and set out to see. 

Be amazed by the beautiful sights and destinations in and around Dubrovnik. Many would say that the Old City of Dubrovnik is best traveled by foot as you can marvel in the limestone roads, old buildings, and be greeted by its friendly people. But there’s so much more to the city that can be seen with a better view from afar right in the middle of the Adriatic Sea. 
The Adriatic Sea boasts of clear blue waters that remain calm many times in a year. When you rent a sailboat in Dubrovnik without skipper, you will still be given tips and advice before you set off from the marina to ensure that your traveling experience remains safe and comfortable.

You can also do your research in advance so you can make stops at some of the most magnificent areas in the city. 
You definitely won’t miss the breathtaking view of the Walls of Dubrovnik. This defensive structure built between the 14th and 17th centuries is a unique sight found in the Old City. It stands mightily by the coastline to protect the city from unwelcome visitors.

This signifies how the people of Dubrovnik has fought hard to protect their city at all costs. 
While sailing, you can also see Lokrum, a wonderful island just 600 meters off the main Dubrovnik city. Tourists would ride scheduled ferries to visit this island and see for themselves the almost magical view of the castle called the Maximilian’s Tower and a monastery built by Maximilian, an archduke from Austria. 

Without a skipper, you can enjoy the privacy and peacefulness of the sea as you challenge yourself while setting the sails of your boat in the right direction. You can spend hours on the sea without any disturbance because there’s much to experience, see, and enjoy even when you only see the city of Dubrovnik from afar. 

Another sight that’s difficult to miss when you’re sailing across the Adriatic by Dubrovnik is the Lovrijenac. It is also called Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar. It is both a theater and a fortress that sits on the western side of the city. It stands tall at 37 meters above sea level, and this grants a stunning panorama to all those who can admire it from the sea. 
Having a skipper with you as you sail in Dubrovnik is a great thing because you will have an extra man who is part of your crew and will take charge as you relax the day away. However, when you rent a sailboat in Dubrovnik without skipper is just as great because of the freedom and privacy you can enjoy. 
Take some friends or loved ones as you show them your sailing skills that you have practiced for years. 
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