Rent a Sailboat in Emerald Coast Without Skipper

Sailboat Hire in Emerald Coast Without Skipper

Costa Smeralda, more commonly known as Emerald Coast, is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Sardinia, Italy. It’s breathtakingly beautiful sights and attractions make it the perfect trip for anyone who would like to travel luxuriously or for someone who wants an action-packed vacation. Whether you’re traveling solo or with your loved ones, you would certainly have the best time in this lovely Italian destination when you rent a boat in Emerald Coast without skipper.

When traveling without a skipper, you must have your own sailing license and at least some experience in sailing the seas on your own. This way, you can be sure of your safety while you’re setting sail in the sea. The airport in Emerald Coast is located in its main town Olbia. A large port and many tourist facilities are here as well. So anytime you need help in creating an itinerary or if you’re wondering about other guided or unguided tours available on the island, this is where you can get help. Take the opportunity to visit the Coddu Echiu and Uraghe, two magnificent archaeological sites that will let you have a peek of some ancient civilizations. 

The Emerald Coast is a well known luxurious holiday destination where plenty of tourists from all over the world flock to on a yearly basis. Its social life capitals are found in Porto Rondo and Porto Cervo. If you’re looking for a fun shopping experience, an exciting nightlife, the best restaurants and cafes in all of Sardinia Island, then you should definitely visit these two villages. There are luxury villas where you can stay the night too. Dance all night and enjoy some drinks as you socialize with the locals and other tourists. This will definitely be a great highlight of your Emerald Coast trip!

You can sail at your own sweet time and pace when you rent a sailboat in Emerald Coast without skipper. You need not worry about joining other tourists in group trips and guided tours because your sailboat will be your own private abode. Just make sure you’re creating your itinerary in advance so you won’t miss out on the many destinations you can visit while in the Emerald Coast.

What’s so magical about Emerald Coast is that despite how busy it gets especially during peak season and even if there are so many resorts, villas, and hotels on the coast, its natural beauty was still maintained properly. When you rent a sailboat in Emerald Coast without skipper, you will surely be surprised by the exceptional view the coast offers. None of those structures have interrupted the landscape as they were all built with natural resources such as rocks and granite that were sourced straight from the area. A consortium was made to protect the overall appearance of this amazing destination to ensure that even the future generations can enjoy its beauty.

Thinking of going on an island hopping trip? Just bring a map with you or make sure you have a GPS device so you won’t lose your way when traveling to the La Maddalena Archipelago. This archipelago is made up of seven breathtakingly amazing islands. The views are just so magical that this national park is also a popular attraction for many tourists who would visit the Emerald Coast. 

At Sailogy, we are making the process of boat rental hassle-free and convenient for you. Rent a sailboat in Emerald Coast without skipper with just a few clicks right in the comfort of your home. Within minutes, you’ll enjoy all set for the vacation of your dreams!

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