Rent a Sailboat in Ionian Greece With Skipper

Sailboat Hire in Ionian Greece With Skipper

The Ionian Islands are situated in the Ionian Sea and are a greener, slightly cooler part of Greece than the Greek mainland. The largest of the islands is Corfu. This is also the most popular island with tourists. If you rent a sailboat in Ionian Greece with a skipper, you can make use of the skipper's experience, to find the best places to visit on Corfu. 

They may suggest that you should visit the Parisian-style arcades on the island, or the Museum of Asian Art. There is also an impressive selection of bars and restaurants on Corfu, where you can spend some time relaxing once you have moored your rented sailboat. 

Once you have finished your stay on Corfu, you can sail to your next destination. Having a skipper on-board means that you have someone who can give you advice about which islands to visit. The best way to make sure that you have a reliable sailboat and skipper is to browse through the brochures of Sailogy. You will find a range of reasonably priced rental options that you can choose from. 

Once you have rented a sailboat, the skipper will make sure that you easily navigate around the chain of Ionian Islands that is located along the west coast of Greece. Across the different islands, there is something for you to enjoy, whether you are a food lover, an admirer of nature or an adventure enthusiast. 

The overall environment of the islands is a lot greener than you might expect. The greenery stands out against the surrounding striking blue waters. These waters are the perfect place to take a swim if you want to take some time out from sailing. If you are feeling more adventurous, you may want to try out water sports like kitesurfing on the larger islands. 

Finding the right sailboat for your needs, from the brochures of Sailogy, means that you get to explore more beaches where you can swim or simply sit and enjoy the sunshine. As you explore, you will notice that all of the Ionian Islands have a similar feel about them.

They all have glorious beaches and lush landscapes that you can enjoy. One of the main differences between the islands is how many other visitors you will come across. Corfu is the largest island and also has the most visitors. It's not surprising that it's home to some great bars and restaurants. 

If you want to experience something different to just eating and drinking, when you moor the sailboat that you have rented, there is no shortage of choice. 

There are many hiking trails that you can walk along, taking you through both mountainous and coastal areas. There are also many native birds that you may encounter along the way. Aside from the hiking trails, there are other interesting experiences that you may enjoy on the Ionian Islands such as visiting the marine parks where you get the opportunity to see Loggerhead Turtles and Monk Seals.

The wildlife of these stunning islands is one of the most impressive things to enjoy if you are sailing on the Ionian Sea. If you rent a sailboat with a skipper, you can take time to relax and enjoy the wildlife and the beautiful landscapes, without having to pay attention to controlling and navigating the boat. 

It's an ideal way to see the Ionian islands. You get to fully relax and you also have the experience and knowledge of a skipper to rely on, to make sure that you have the best possible experience.

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