Rent a Sailboat in Kornati Islands

Rent a Sailboat in Kornati Islands

Sailboat Hire in Kornati Islands Croatia

The area around the Kornati Islands is one of the most naturally beautiful parts of the world. There is a total of 300 square kilometers of islets and reef to explore. Choosing a sailboat to transport you across the stunning clear waters that surround the islands is an excellent choice.

This is because sailing across the waters gives you the opportunity to take your time seeing stunning sights such as the grottoes that nature has forged in the rugged landscape. You can also moor your sailboat and take a dip in the warm waters of the Adriatic.

Renting a sailboat is one of the few ways you can get to these unspoiled islands. If you do not rent a boat, or have your own, you need to take an organized trip to reach the islands. Renting a sailboat in the Kornati Islands means that you do not have to stick to an organized itinerary.

You can take a sail on the boat and admire any of the islands including Kornat which is the largest of the islands. It's 25 kilometers in length but is only 2.5 kilometers wide. It's relatively easy to sail around the islands while testing your skills by navigating the reefs and shoals in the area.

If you prefer to be able to sit back and relax, or you are not a qualified sailor, you may prefer to hire a sailboat with a skipper. This gives you access to an expert sailor who also has in-depth knowledge of the area. They can tell you about all the prettiest inlets, and most amazing rock formations, to see.

While you are sailing around the Kornati Islands, you can take time to stop off and have a swim in the Adriatic. The waters are pleasant and amongst the clearest on the planet. This means that you get to see the colorful underwater flora and fauna in the area up close. Renting a sailboat means that you have the opportunity to decide when to stop and enjoy the waters.

Swimming is not the only activity that you can enjoy if you rent a sailboat and travel around the Kornati Islands. You can also go ashore for a while and hike along one of the many trails that are available. It's a great way of getting some exercise, especially if you have hired a sailboat with a skipper and are spending most of your time relaxing.

While you are sailing the blue waters surrounding the Kornati Islands, you may want to spend time at the Telašćica Nature Park on Dugi Otok island. You should give yourself plenty of time to see all of the amazing flora and fauna that are on view in the park. You can also stop and spend time at the Salt Lake.

There are so many incredible sights to see from the clear waters around the Kornati Islands that it makes sense to take a leisurely sail to enjoy the experience. Choosing from the selection of sailboats at Sailogy helps to ensure that you get a craft that is both reliable and reasonably priced. This applies whatever your sailing needs are.

You can hire a sailboat with a skipper if you want to sail with a professional who can help you to navigate the area successfully. On the other hand, you may prefer to put your own sailing expertise to use. No matter which of these options you prefer, you can choose a sailboat from {SITE_NAME}. All of the available craft are comfortable to sail in and you are sure to have a good experience.