Rent a Sailboat in Kornati Islands Without Skipper

Rent a Sailboat in Kornati Islands Without Skipper

Sailboat Hire in Kornati Islands Without Skipper

The 140 islands in the Kornatis are a mysterious and magical place to visit. They make up the largest archipelago in the Adriatic. There is no source of fresh water on the islands, so the terrain is barren. This does not stop it from being a beautiful sight as the white limestone rock formations stand out against the backdrop of crystal blue water.

If you are an experienced and licensed sailor, you can hire a sailboat without a skipper. This gives you the opportunity to test your navigational skills as you take your time exploring this part of the Adriatic.

This is a great alternative to taking an organised boat trip to the islands. While these kind of trips provide a pleasant way to spend your day, they do not give you the chance to explore in the way that you choose to. If you rent a sailboat in the Kornati Islands, you can moor the craft, or drop anchor, at any of the permitted locations.

Once you have done that, you can set off on foot, exploring islands like Kornat. This is by far the largest of the islands but is still only 2.5km wide. Piškera is another of the islands that is worth a visit. This island was inhabited, back in the Middle Ages. At the time, fish was collected and stored on the island. Today, fishing in the area is strictly limited.

However, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy in the Kornati Islands. You can leave the sailboat that you have rented and follow one of the easy hiking trails. Before you set back off sailing, you can take a swim in the warm and clear waters that surround the islands. This gives you the opportunity to relax while you take in the colourful sight of the local underwater flora and fauna.

Renting a sailboat that has a skipper means that you do not have to rush your activities. You have free rein to spend time as you wish during the rental period. Renting a sailboat without a skipper from Sailogy also gives you access to a comfortable and reliable craft that is the perfect choice when it comes to finding a sailboat for exploring the Kornati Islands.

Take a look at the {SITE_NAME} catalogues and you can find a sailboat to rent at a reasonable cost. As long as you are licensed to sail independently, you can navigate the boat around the Kornatis and have your sailing skills tested by the many reefs and shoals in the area.

If you navigate slightly north of the Kornati Islands, you can experience the beauty of Telašćica Nature Park. You can moor or anchor your boat in Telašćica Bay. Then, you can climb to the top of the 160 metre-high cliffs. From here you get an exceptional view of the area. You can truly understand the majestic beauty of the Adriatic Sea.

Then you can take your boat back out on the water as you feel the warm breeze blowing through your hair. Renting a sailboat that does not have a skipper means that you can take your time as you continue on your journey and decide which stunning inlet you want to explore next.

Check the selection of sailing boats at {SITE_NAME} and you can rent a craft that does not come with a skipper. Then you can explore islands like Žut where you can moor your boat at the marina and get to know the island on foot, before sailing on to your next destination.