Rent a Sailboat in Lefkas

Rent a Sailboat in Lefkas

Sailboat Hire in Lefkas

The lovely tropical paradise of Lefkas is a great holiday destination, with calm turquoise Ionian Sea surrounding the islands, and breathtaking backdrop of cliffs to help you unwind and relax. The hilly island has a lot to offer, and it is linked with the mainland via pontoon bridge and a causeway. The most notable hills rise to a magnificent height of 1158 m at the top of the Lefkas peninsula in Cape Doukato, lining the southwest end of the island. One of the quickest ways to explore this island is by sea. Rent a sailboat in Lefkas to avoid a swarm of tourists on the beaches, as it offers a more intimate and enjoyable experience.

The wonderful Greek Island has a beautiful weather round the year, but summers is ideally the best time to rent a sailboat in Lefkas and explore its exquisiteness, as the wind conditions are mostly facing north westerly, making sailing very pleasurable. The diverse and distinctive views coupled with mildly cooler evenings, with a lovely sea breeze blowing through your hair makes the sailing adventures truly extraordinary. By choosing to rent a sailboat in Lefkas, you can access a variety of secluded bays and beaches that are only accessible by boat. You get a chance to admire the beauty and explore the coves of these practically deserted beaches all on your own.

While sailing to Lefkas, you can cover the main areas of the island by sea. The most impressive one is Porto Katsiki in Vassiliki. Although you’ll find no shortage of beaches in Lefkas, this is the one that just can’t be missed. The towering majestic cliff stands erect, seemingly guarding the small caves and deep blue water that will leave you in awe. Sailboats easily reach the smaller parts of the island to help you find that picture perfect spot.

Nydri Waterfalls is another great spot that has an easy access by boat, although it requires a short walk to reach the waterfalls which can’t be seen from the boat. It is not every day that you get to enjoy a beautiful waterfall while visiting an island, so it makes for a unique experience with splashing icy cold water that will refresh your mind.

When sailing to the south-east of Lefkas, you’ll spot a quaint little island that’s called ‘Meganisi’. The name translates to big island, although it is fairly small, but the awe-inspiring views and beauty make up for it. This is also the place where you’ll find the historic Papanikolis Cave – which was used as a base in WWII for the Papanikolis submarine. This part of the island is only accessible through a sailboat, so you definitely can’t miss it. The whole island provides an unparalleled experience due to its unique fjord-like coast.

When sailing to the east of Lefkas, the islet of Kastos will impress you with its Seal Cave and surreal cliffs. The most notable one of them is the white karst cliff that reflects the vibrant emerald sea around it. You’ll find a number of secluded beaches here, along with a small village that’s worth exploring. When you rent a sailboat in Lefkas, you can access some of these serene beaches that are only reachable by sea.

Next to Lefkas, there’s a small islet called Kalamos that has exquisite isolated beaches only reachable by sea. While sailing to the southern end of this island, you’ll get to see the ‘Halasma’, which is a niche in the cliff providing yet another quaint little hideout.

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