Rent a Sailboat in Liguria With Skipper

Sailboat Hire in Liguria With Skipper

Rent a sailboat in Liguria with skipper and discover the pleasure of a holiday where you’re in complete control. Having a skipper means you don’t need to have a license to explore this paradise. It also means that you’ll be shown places that most tourists will never find. 

The Liguria coastline borders the Mediterranean and you’ll enjoy warm summers with very little wind. That does mean piloting your sailboat takes a little more skill. It also means that it’s difficult to get into trouble. In short, it’s the perfect spot for sailors looking to improve their sailing skills, while enjoying paradise.

Sailogy has an array of sailboats for you to choose from, with or without skipper. Take a look at our selection and use our expertise to ensure you have the very best boat for your needs.

The most common starting point is Genoa, and it’s for a good reason. Genoa is the 6th largest city in Italy and the capital of the Ligurian region. It’s a bustling, vibrant city, full of character and some excellent shopping experiences. 

You’ll want to take the time to check out the most historic part of the town, the Via Garibaldi. It’s also a good idea to see the Piazza De Ferrari, a grand square like no other that’s used for all the civic events. If you have the time the Aquarium, which is housed in a ship-like building, can help you prepare for days at sea!

Once you’ve collected your sailboat and we’ve completed instructions and safety checks, your skipper will be ready to guide you out of the harbor, then your adventure will really begin! Whether you head east or west you’ll find a rocky coastline with impressive woods covering steep slopes. The trees venture as far as the shore and create an abundance of small coves. The advantage when you rent a sailboat in Liguria with skipper is that you can stop at any of these coves for as long as you want. You’ll feel like you’re in paradise.

But, you have a sailboat, warm weather, and a gentle breeze! You need to experience the wind in your face as you move along the coast. 

Your skipper can guide you but it’s worth telling them the places you want to visit, these should include the following:

Cinque Terre, this is one of the farthest points south of Genoa and is actually a National Park, only really accessible by boat. There are five town s here, connected by a small train and it is truly paradise. You should note that it gets very busy here in the peak season, you’ll be glad you have a sailboat to retreat to.

Between Genoa and Cinque Terre, you’ll find Portofino, perhaps the most famous city on the Italian Riviera and certainly one full of culture.  As you sail along this part of the coast, east of Genoa, you’ll be struck by the stunning beaches and the small villages dotted across the hillsides.

But, spare a little time to head west from Genoa and you’ll experience places like Savona, Noli, and even Alassio. In fact, Alassio used to be a very popular tourist destination for the British and there are lots of reminders of this across the town. Today, it is largely forgotten but still a beautiful place to visit.

This side of Genoa offers a chance to see more traditional Ligurian life, it makes a good balance against the more glamourous destinations, such as Portofino.

We have a great selection and a fantastic customer service team waiting to guide you, making sure you make the right decision when you’ll rent a sailboat in Liguria with skipper.

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