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The archipelago of Maddalena sits between Corsica and Sardinia in the Tyrrhenian Sea, not far from the coast of Italy. In fact, the culture of these 7 larger islands and more than 50 tiny islands is distinctively Italian.

It’s an idyllic spot with stunning beaches and locals that are almost too eager to please. To really appreciate the delights of the island and the surrounding archipelago though, you need to rent a sailboat in Maddalena.

La Maddalena is the main town on the main island of Maddalena. It’s a beautiful location full of character and influenced by multiple different cultures passing through. As with many of these small islands, the character of the place has been shaped by the transit of people through it. Many countries have laid claim to the island over the years, resulting in an impressive multi-cultural feel.

Despite being 20 minutes by boat from Sardinia, the islanders see themselves as a distinct race, in the same way, Sardinia is culturally different to the rest of Italy.

The island is steeped in history, there are still traces of the first inhabitants, shepherds searching for taxation free pasture. There is also plenty of reminders of the islands place as a smugglers’ paradise. This happened just after the 1720 Treaty of The Hague which left Maddalena with an uncertain territorial status.

For many years there was a huge NATO base on the island, it was only closed in 2008. But, the military connection goes back much further, Napoleon once besieged the port, Nelson visited at least three times, and Giuseppe Garibaldi was exiled to the islands in 1849. In fact, Garibaldi came back to the islands to buy and on Caprera in 1855. 

Interesting Caprera is actually connected to the main island by a land bridge. It’s well worth a visit as you’ll see amazing pink-grey granite rocks, umbrella pine forests, and some of the best beaches anywhere in the Med.

It should be noted that despite bordering the Mediterranean, these islands feel more like a rugged Caribbean, the beaches are exotic and the water is turquoise, under a warm summer sun you’ll feel like you’re in paradise.

Avid sailors and the locals will tell you that while you need to explore the island to enjoy these delights, you also need to rent a sailboat in Maddalena and cruise around the islands. It’s the only way to really appreciate their beauty. You’ll also find dozens of secluded coves that can’t be accessed from the land.  It’s like being the first person to walk on land, that’s a feeling you don’t often get!

The Tyrrhenian sea is generally calm, summer temperatures are between 28°C and 34°C and there’s enough wind to allow your sailboat to glide through the water but so little at night you can anchor at sea. That could be beneficial if you don’t fancy trying to get a space in the busy marinas.

In short, this is the ideal spot for anyone wishing to rent a sailboat and really appreciate Maddalena and the other islands in the area.  You will need a sailboat license, but, if you don’t have one you can rent a sailboat in Maddalena with skipper and still enjoy the experience.

Sailogy have lots of different sailboats for you to look at, with or without a skipper. Simply choose the one that suits your needs and book it today. Our attractive prices and first-class customer service means you’ll get the best possible deal, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the Maddalena archipelago even if you’re not yet a sailor.

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  • Sailing boat
  • 2023
  • 47 ft

Bavaria Cruiser 45

From Maddalena Island, North Sardinia

To La Spezia, Liguria Levante

  • 10 berths
  • 4 cabins
  • 3 WC
  • New boat
  • GPS Plotter in cockpit
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