Rent a Motorboat in Rhodes Without Skipper

Motorboat Hire in Rhodes Without Skipper

Do you have a license to sail? If you do and you have some sailing experience too, then there’s so much reason for you to rent a sailboat in Rhodes without skipper. This is going to be an action-packed yet luxurious holiday for sure. Take your family with you or your friends so you can have the vacation of a lifetime in this beautiful capital of Dodecanese. 

Rhodes locals are very proud that their Old Town or the Medieval City of Rhodes has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This has become a highlight for many tourists who would travel to the city. There’s the Palace of the Grand Master which is now a very popular museum. There’s also the Street of the Knights with streets paved with cobblestone. The Old Town is certainly very picturesque and breathtaking. This alone would give you enough reason to travel to Rhodes

Right outside the Old Town is the New City. Here you can find just as beautiful ancient architecture and the comforts of modernity too. There’s the Post Office, some churches, theaters and more. You can also take time to visit the Aquarium, which is an important facility for Greek marine research. The Rodini Park has a flock of peacocks and so many beautiful plants, trees, and flowers. You may also drop by the Saint Stefanos Hill, a sacred place of worship. 

When you rent a sailboat in Rhodes without skipper, you can travel around the island at your own pace. Prepare your travel plans in advance so you won’t miss out on anything important. When planning your itinerary, make sure you’re placing Kallithea on top of your list. This holiday resort is right by the Faliraki beach. You may choose to dock here and enjoy the comfortable accommodation in one of the numerous hotels. You can even try out bathing Roman-style here! 

Take a trip down to the traditional village of Koskinou too. This colorful village is a sight to behold whether or not you’re just looking at the view from your sailboat or if you choose to dock and walk around here too. 

Finally, there’s no way you should miss out on visiting Ialissós. You must have heard of this cosmopolitan already especially if you’re an avid sailing enthusiast. Many sailors would dock here too and enjoy many different water activities. Here you can try windsurfing, kitesurfing, and more. You can also choose to just lounge and sunbathe by the golden beach or take a dip in the lovely water too. 

When you rent a sailboat in Rhodes without skipper, you have the choice to rent out the boat for a couple of days to a few weeks at a time. There’s so much to explore in Rhodes and the surrounding areas. A day or two would never be enough to see and enjoy all of them. Even if you just stay on your boat for a while, you will be in awe of the lovely sights and views all around you especially the illuminated Via Crucis, a large crucifix in Ialissós, at night. 

Depending on your budget, you can check out the many different kinds of sailboats according to price, size, make and model, passenger capacity, power, amenities, and more. You can rent a sailboat in Rhodes without skipper or if you would prefer, you can choose to get a skipper to guide you in the area too! Sailogy makes booking a rental sailboat in Rhodes so convenient for you so you can start looking forward to your exciting holiday. 

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