Rent a Sailboat in Sardinia

Rent a Sailboat in Sardinia

Sailboat Hire in Sardinia

Are you planning a grand holiday to Sardinia? Whether you’re traveling solo or with one or a few companions, it would be a great idea to rent a sailboat in Sardinia. As a coastal island in the southern part of Italy, this large island is, in fact, the second-largest island in the Mediterranean City, only second to Sicily. Aboard your sailboat, you can have the best views of the sights and attractions in Sardinia and you will have a more convenient and easier time traveling from one part of the island to the other especially since there are so many islands and destinations in this region. 

The population in Sardinia is about 1.64 million, quite a fair enough number considering that it is such a large island. But it is still not crowded enough, which makes it an excellent holiday destination of choice. Whether you’re planning a luxurious vacation or you’re seeking rugged adventure, there’s much that the island can offer. Its 2,000-kilometer coastline is mostly made up of sandy beaches while the island’s interior is mostly mountainous. So you can enjoy watersports, sailing, swimming, sunbathing, and more. When and if you get tired of the water, which is highly doubtful, you can go on a hiking or camping trip to the mountain area that’s lined with fragrant pines and cypress trees. 

Sardinia is packed with so many attractions that boast of the rich culture and history of the island. There are archaeological sites such as the Nuraghe Riu Mulinu that you will find in Olbia. You can also visit the awe-inspiring San Simplicio Basilica there. You may also head on to Portisco for sailing, watersports, beaches, and wonderful marinas. When you want to see some of the most glamorous villages on the island, then you should go to Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo. Both areas are known for the exciting social life that exists here. There are restaurants, nightclubs, cafes, and many more fun activities that can be done here. 

Rent a sailboat in Sardinia so you can enjoy the magnificent views of the island from the sea. You may also sail towards the Emerald Coast, which is arguably the most beautiful holiday destination in the world especially if you are a sailor. It boasts of cobalt blue and emerald green seawater that will keep you in awe during your entire stay – the Caribbean and the Bahamas will be put to shame with the beauty that the Emerald Coast has to offer. This northern coastal area is known to be a top destination when you want a luxurious trip to Sardinia. 

If you will rent a sailboat in Sardinia, you may do so with a skipper so he can guide you through the many destinations found on the island. There are popular tourist spots and there virtually undiscovered paths that you must take since they’re just too beautiful to resist. The dazzling and enchanting views of the Mediterranean Sea and the mountain ranges of Sardinia would certainly make the vacation one that you would remember for a lifetime. On the other hand, if you have the license to sail and you would prefer the freedom and privacy of sailing on your own, then you can just skip the skipper when you rent a boat while in Sardinia. 

You can choose from the wide variety of sailboats for rent in Sardinia. You can choose according to your budget range, the make, and model of the boat, the length of your stay, or your other preferences and specifications for the type of sailboat you will be using in Sardinia.