Rent a Sailboat in Sardinia With Skipper

Sailboat Hire in Sardinia With Skipper

If you want a more convenient trip down to Italy’s best holiday destination, then you should go ahead and rent a sailboat in Sardinia with skipper. The skipper will lead you to places that are very popular among tourists and travelers or you may also request to go to the lesser known destinations that not many people have visited yet. Sardinia is such a beautiful island that even if it’s not your first time visiting it, you will still be in awe of its magnificence. There’s still so much to discover and explore. You will certainly have a grand time during your visit!

Since you don’t need a license to sail anymore since you will be renting a sailboat with skipper, you simply have to relax and let yourself be immersed by the beauty of this island. Sardinia is actually a huge island. There’s 2,000 kilometers’ worth of coastline that’s lined with sandy beaches – some of the best in Europe! Next to Sicily, the island is the second-largest island in all of Italy. So yes, there’s so much to explore and discover and it’s pretty evident that a couple of days wouldn’t be enough to see all there is in Sardinia. 

Thankfully, you can rent a sailboat in Sardinia with skipper for a few days or a few weeks at a time. This will enable you and give you the opportunity to enjoy all there is that the island can offer. Some of the best destinations include Olbia, which is by far, one of the most popular in all of Sardinia. This is where you can visit some archaeological sites and ancient churches that are simply too magnificent. There are also many hotels, restaurants, cafes, and so much more. You can go here to enjoy architecture, art, the rich history of the island, hiking, outdoor recreation, water activities and many more. 

Of course, the best view of Sardinia would be from the water. Therefore, it is necessary you rent a sailboat in Sardinia with skipper so you won’t have to worry about the direction the boat will take you or how to maneuver it to the right path. The skipper will take care of that for you while you can just relax and enjoy the awe-inspiring view before you.

Your skipper will surely take you up to the Emerald Coast situated in the northern part of Sardinia Island. The Emerald Coast is a luxurious holiday destination that will certainly put many of the world’s most famous beaches and coasts to shame. Its emerald green waters, the reason behind its name which is also known as Costa Smeralda, is definitely the most beautiful in all of Italy. In the Emerald Coast region, you can visit the charming villages of Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo, which are the core areas of socialization while in Sardinia. There are plenty of restaurants as well, hotels, resorts, nightclubs, shopping centers, and many more. You can dance all night long and enjoy drink after drink right here! 

Rent a sailboat in Sardinia with skipper so you can make most out of your Italian holiday without any worries. You can have the grandest time as you chill and relax on your fabulous sailboat. You can choose from a variety of sailboats that are inspected to ensure that it meets safety standards, performance, and quality. There are boats big enough for you and your friends and some that are just spacious enough for you and a couple of companions including the skipper. Choose one that would best suit your needs and preferences. 

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