Rent a Sailboat in Split With Skipper

Sailboat Hire in Split With Skipper

For sailing lovers, there is hardly any country in the world better than Croatia. The Balkan country is located by the Adriatic Sea - part of the Mediterranean Sea - and benefit from the same sunny climatic condition seen in the region. Among the country’s many sailing spots, Split, its second-largest city is certainly the most convenient.

The capital city of Dalmatia is located by the pristine coastline of the Adriatic Sea. For its combination of location and great transportation, Split has always been a tourist favourite. However, the majority of these visitors make the mistake of leaving Split as soon as they land, in order to explore some of the other parts of the country. Yet, the city has a lot to offer – both on its shore and in the city centre. The experience really takes up once you rent a sailboat as a means of your exploration.

The city itself is a sight to behold. After all, this was the place where the Roman emperor Diocletian came to live once he voluntarily denounced his throne. The empiric Diocletian Palace is where he stayed, and despite so many years, the palace still remains mostly in great conditions. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is now the centre of everything that happens in the city, with many designer stores and a buzzing nightlife keeping people interested all day long. A walk through the mesmerising Old Town would also overwhelm your senses with its artistic beauty.

Anyhow, to experience the best view of the enchanting Split, you must hop on a boat. The ACI Marina is the city’s tourist harbour as well as the principle location to rent a sailboat. If you want to skip the crowd, you can also go to the Marina Nava, Marina Spinut, Marina Zenta, as well as the Stobreč Port. At Sailogy, we have a sailboat at your service, no matter which marina you prefer to get on-board. Moreover, if you rent a sailboat in Split with skipper from Sailogy, you won’t have to worry about a single thing in your sailing adventure.

Our sailboat rental service with skipper is designed to ensure you enjoy the most comfortable and the most convenient sailing holiday in your entire life. The skippers are multi-seasoned pros with proper training and sailing licenses, so that you can just soak up the sun while on-board of your favourite rented boat. The skipper will navigate you through the picturesque Adriatic Sea and its gorgeously blue, crystal clear water. More importantly, he/ she would also act as a local guide, suggesting and recommending some lesser-known routes and attractions can only be known by a local.

For example, you may not know when is the best time to enjoy a comprehensive view of the cityscape – the old roman walls and bricks rising from the grounds, with the array of coastal mountains looking like its most powerful protectors. Our skippers know that from a boat, it is best enjoyed at the dusk, when the sun prepares to go down with its dying rays creating a magnificent glow atop in the sky. Their expertise in measuring the wind would also benefit you in exploring a number of great coastal locations within a short period of time.

At Sailogy, renting a sailboat with skipper is as simple as having a cuppa at Split. You choose the boat you like, get on-board with the sailor, and start exploring the stunning beauty at a laid-back pace. It won’t cut your pockets either, as the Sailogy sailboats are very reasonably priced to rent.

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