Rent A Sailboat in Sporades With Skipper

Sailboat Hire in Sporades With Skipper

Because there are just way too many beautiful sights to explore and amazing views to take in, it would be best for you to rent a sailboat in Sporades with skipper. Even if you have a sailing license and lots of sailing experience, having a skipper with you would mean more time to relax, chill, and just lounge on your sailboat as you explore all 24 islands in Sporades. 

Among those 24 breathtakingly amazing islands of Sporades, there are four that continue to be inhabited - Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, and Skyros. The best part about it is that you are not even prohibited to visit these places. This means that you can have such a luxurious and enjoyable vacation without having to deal with all the noise and chaos you usually experience in most tourist destinations. 

Alonissos is one of those inhabited islands that you can visit when you rent a sailboat in Sporades with skipper. It features the largest marine reserve of the Mediterranean sea with over 2,250 square kilometers of wonderful marine life and a wide variety of plants, flowers, and vegetation. Take your snorkeling gear with you and swim with the awe-inspiring creatures under the sea. Do you enjoy diving? You can do that here too! The aquatic life of Alonissos and the rest of the Sporades is so rich so much that you can see dolphins and monk seals up close! 

Of course, when you take a skipper with you, you can also ask him to guide you and take you to some of the roads less traveled or better yet, the seas less sailed. You can see for yourself the sights and wonders that not many other tourists see when visiting Sporades. There are destinations best reached by sailboat. After all, Sporades is an archipelago of multiple islands - the best way to explore this amazing Greek destination is by traveling by water. 

This would be a perfect trip for nature lovers. Aside from the beautiful turquoise blue water, clean and peaceful beaches, and all other water activities you can enjoy, you can also choose to explore islands of your choice on foot. There are ancient architectures such as monasteries that you can visit too. If you love all things green, then a trip down to the lush forests where you can smell the fragrance of pine will surely be a treat too. 

When in Sporades, you can ride a ferry to travel from one island to another. But this will mean that you’d have to follow a schedule and go on a trip with plenty of other strangers. However, when you browse through the sailboats you can rent in Sporades, then you can have a more peaceful, private, and enjoyable island hopping trip at your own pace and time. 

With the skipper in your sailboat, you can even have a glass of champagne or make it a bottle! There’s nothing to worry about because you have a pro handling your boat. You can be sure that you’ll be safe and sound during your entire trip. You can check on a variety of sailboats depending on your budget range, the make and model you prefer, amenities you find convenient, and a whole lot more. You can have a couple of other companions on the sailboat with you too! 

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