Rent a Sailboat in Rhodes

Sailboat Hire in Rhodes

Are you getting ready for a trip to the capital island of the Dodecanese? You truly deserve a luxurious and action-packed holiday and there’s no better way to maximize your vacation than when you rent a sailboat in Rhodes. The best part about it is that you are given the choice to sail with or without a skipper! 

Because there are plenty of tourists who flock to Rhodes almost year-round, you can expect excellent tourism facilities in the city. There are a ton of cultural and archaeological sites you can enjoy. And of course, you must know by now that Rhodes is so beautiful that UNESCO has awarded its Old Town, also known as the Medieval City of Rhodes as a world heritage site. 

There are so many flights to and from Rhodes. In fact, there are too many and so flights have become super cheap! It’s amusing that flying could be cheaper than getting on a ferry boat. But since you will rent a sailboat in Rhodes, you don’t have to spend insane amounts just to go island hopping around the area. You don’t even have to share the seat in the ferry with strangers! You can definitely enjoy some private time cruising the sea at your preferred pace and direction when you’re renting a sailboat

When you rent a sailboat with a skipper, you can ask him to guide you through the best attractions around Rhodes by boat. Sure, the Old Town and new city are both super beautiful and interesting, but there’s so much to explore around Rhodes too. And the best way to do that is by water. 

For instance, you must definitely make a stop at the Kallithéa. This is a very popular resort area with a number of hotels that are just by the Faliráki beach. When you get to this lovely destination, make sure you’re trying out the Roman baths too! 

From your sailboat, you will also see the Koskinoú. This traditional village is a sight to behold. The houses are colorful and the courtyards are super charming. When you get off your boat, you will be able to see the pebbled houses that are just too beautiful to ignore. 

When you rent a sailboat in Rhodes, you will be able to see the vast greenery in all of Rhodes. There are lush valleys and green hills that will surely make you awe-inspired. 

If you’re into water activities, then you should go to Ialissós. This is yet another cosmopolitan resort with a beautiful beach that offers a ton of exciting activities. Tourists go there to sail, windsurf, kitesurf, and more. By nightfall, you will be able to see the enormous Via Crucis, a large crucifix that is illuminated at night. 

When you rent a sailboat in Rhodes without a skipper, make sure you’re creating your itinerary in advance because there are just so many places to visit and sights to see. This is to ensure that you won’t miss out on anything at all. 

If you will be going with a skipper, you can be sure that he will take you to all places worth visiting. More often than not, skippers are knowledgeable about the area so they can tell you where you should be visiting. 

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