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Charter a sailboat in Punta ala - Sailogy

Charter a sailboat in Punta ala

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Charter a sailboat in Punta Ala and get ready to a sailing Tuscany adventure! Oh, and remember that after mooring your sailboat at Punta Ala marina you need bags as you will start shopping!!

So here we are, start enjoying with the elite, pack light for Punta Ala and indulge in a heady shopping affair at the city's largest shopping centre, Il Gualdo, home of local and national fashion, cosmetics and cultural keepsakes. Not enough? Well, closed to Punta Ala we will find San Vincenzo, another great sailing destination in Tuscany, just try to attend one of the traditional festivals, you will be able to taste some delicious food and locally brewed wine. For the hottest restaurant in town, head straight to famous Il Gambero Rosso, home of the prestigious Best Restaurant and Best Cook of Italy awards. You certainly will be hungry after you superb sailing day in Tuscany, so start mooring your sailboat at Punta Ala marina as this is the place you want to be for some food!

Punta Ala was placed on the border between the Principality of Piombino in the north and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany to the south. The fear of pirate invasions forced the construction of some fortifications to protect the coast. but don't be scared, sailogy will take the pirates away during your sailing holiday! ;)

To start your sailing vacation in Tuscany, simply search for your sailboat to rent from one of our Sailogy certified boat charters in Punta Ala and get ready for your an amazing Italian sailing holiday!.