Hire a boat in Dubrovnik

Hire a boat in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is fast becoming Europe’s perfect sailing holiday destination, yellow sands and blue seas...

Dubrovnik is fast becoming Europe’s perfect sailing holiday destination, old-world charm, modern restaurants, yellow sands and blue seas, the contrast itself is curious enough. Rent a sailboat in Dubrovnik and you will certainly fall in love with the place.

Charter a sailboat in Dubrovnik and your first stop should be Buza (Od Margarite), where by day sunbathers bathe and daredevils dive in to crystalline waters from the cliff face, from which the bar has been cut and where tables now sit. While by night, revellers sip out of plastic cups by candlelight and films are shown regularly to locals. Along with popularity has come notoriety in Dubrovnik’s nightlife, Lazarati (Frana Supila 8) has got it more than covered and is one of few clubs that opens year-round. It occupies the 16th-century quarantine buildings, but don’t let that put you off, they still throw the best party around with electronic music generally wafting out of the sound system. You probably won't miss this type of night out after an amazing sailing day in Dubrovnick, so bring your fancy night clothes with you and get ready to party!.

Rambling up the ramparts of the UNESCO World Heritage site, you will find Kamenica, whose name means oyster, and which overlooks the spilling central market, serving the ripest of pickings from the sea (Gunduliceva Polijana 8). This is one of the finest in atmosphere and menu from the pick of the local tavernas and it's perfect for a lunch time after mooring your boat at Dubrovnik marina.

Simply use our search and find your perfect sailboat to rent from one of our Sailogy certified boat charters in Dubrovnik and you are off for your sailing holiday in Croatia!