Mooring in Biograd

Mooring in Biograd

"I spent the day at the Marina Kornati in Biograd, a harbor directly facing the Kornati island...

"I spent the day at the Marina Kornati in Biograd, a harbor directly facing the Kornati islands, which makes up the densest archipelago in the whole Mediterranean. It is, of course, a sailor’s paradise.
Because exploring this pocket of 140 islands and sparkling sea is only possible by sailboat, as you can imagine, there’s a huge selection of charter companies basedat the marina here in Biograd. But since I tend to believe in quality over quantity,I’ve done my research and narrowed down the list of potential Sailogy partners.

The first person I met with was Anita, the booking manager for a mid-sized company with a varied fleet of 12 boats based in Biograd. I wasn't able to check out all of the boats, as some of them were out on the water(the season’s already started here!), but Anita was incredibly well-prepared,emphasizing the importance her company places on winter maintenance. Many companies underestimate the importance of having an organized, effective winter plan for the upkeep of their boats (being a responsible boat owner goes far beyond the time you spend on the water), and since this attention to detail is so important tome and Sailogy, I was happy to give this company the “Sail Hunter Certified” mark of approval.

The second charter company I visited is owned by the same company I met within Split last week– remember Katarina? Since their boats all passed the Certification there, I was fairly sure that their fleet in Biograd would be just as well-managed. And I was right. Their boats range from 30 to 54 feet, so they can satisfy all kinds of different needs and crew sizes, and although Meri and Josko were quite busy preparing for an upcoming regatta, they were just as kind and professional as Katarina was.

In the afternoon, I met with three more companies but left uncertain of whether they were a good fit for Sailogy. All of the base managers I spoke to seemed rather distrustful of me, and weren't at all welcoming. Luckily, this doesn't happen all that often, but when it does, it makes me wonder if there’s something about their sailboats that they don’t want me to see. My policy is always to be polite, but to never insist. As the Sail Hunter, my job is to seek out only the best boats and outfit sin the Mediterranean. If I leave less than convinced, then there’s no way I’ll be recommending them to you.

This is my last day in Croatia, which is a fantastic destination for sailors and sea-lovers, and I feel really good about our partners here. If any of you have any feedback, as always, I’m all ears!"