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Mooring in Naples - Sailogy

Mooring in Naples

Napoli offre molte alternative a chi desidera noleggiare una barca a vela nella zona: Ischia e Procida...

"I woke up in Naples this morning and it was raining so I decided to bring on my research and fill up my agenda with appointments for the future. The plan is to stay in the region for a week and to visit Naples, Procida, Castellammare di Stabia, the Sorrento Peninsula, the Amalfi Coast and finally Salerno. I made some phone calls today and I noticed a high level of wariness towards the Sail Hunter. Finally I had some positive feedbacks and I have been able to arrange a few visits. One of the owners I called, Antonio, very kindly invited me for lunch in the very heart of the town and, being my first time here, I must admit that is a very beautiful city. With his advices I made a stroll and I am going to see him again in the harbor of Castellamare within a couple of days. 

So today I basically spent my time making phone calls, sending e-mails and hanging around the town. In one word: sailhunting! Napoli is the largest italian sea-city and is full of history and interesting places and since 1995 is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of its features is the climate which is very temperate and it reflects on the mood of the people, that are unanimously renowned for being happy and very kind. On the other hand, when visiting Naples, you should never forget that it is also renowned for its pickpockets, although, I believe things like that happens everywhere, so I don’t really want to generalize. Just keep an eye open and your pocket close! Of course there are some suburbs that shouldn’t be visited at night, but in general I must say that I never felt unsafe during my stay in Naples. So if you ever find yourself renting a sailboat in Napoli (tomorrow I will visit a charter here…) just leave your very personal belonging aboard and go for a stroll in the town: you’ll be amazed by the tastes, the incredible amount of historical monuments and museums and by the kindness of its people and you’ll feel like you are in the Navel of the World!

Sailing speaking”… Napoli offers many alternatives for those looking for renting a sailboat in the area: Ischia and Procida are just 12 and 15 Nm miles west, Capri and the Sorrento Peninsula as well heading south and the entire gulf of Naples is a good sailing area even if you only have a weekend. Sailing is often a matter of time, unless you are competing… so having a couple of weeks is probably the best option here: you can choose between go northern towards Ventotene (40) and Ponza (60), a pearl in the Mediterranean, or southern towards the Eolie Archipelago (150 Nm) with a stopover in the Natural Park of Cilento, an untouched area slightly southern than Salerno where it is hard to find the crowd even in August. The winds: you must be aware of those from the third and the fourth quadrant, but particularly from the third as it strengthen between Sardinia and Sicily becoming quite rough and strong.

The advantage of this area, under the meteorological point of view, is that these winds appear clearly on the maps 4 or 5 days before their arrival, allowing sailors to find a safe spot."