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Mooring in Sutomiscica - Sailogy

Mooring in Sutomiscica

Sutomiscica è un grazioso porticciolo sul versante orientale dell'isola di Preko, esattamente di fronte...

“I jumped on the car, drove to Zadar and took a ferry to the island where I met with Vedrana who was waiting for me at the harbor. Sutomiscica is a nice little Marina on the east side of the island of Preko, right in front of Zadar: it can be reached with a ferry which takes half an hour and is very cheap. Vedrana is the booking manager of a small charter company (for the croatian standard) with 15 sailboats: some of them are based in Sutomiscica and some others in Marina Preko, only a few km southern. I must say the boats didn't look very new to me but on the other hand the base manager works everyday doing his best to keep them in good conditions and ready for a new cruise.

Vedrana previously worked for another charter company that is also based in Sutomiscica, so she introduced me to them. In this case my visit didn't produce any result notwithstanding I talked with all the people in the office: I am not sure whether they were just not interested about how Sailogy works or they are usually that unresponsive. I felt like I was wasting my time and I wouldn't be really happy in having them as our partner, given this sort of disregard they showed to me.

This is the meaning of “Only Certified Boats”… they have to deserve it!”