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Rent A Boat In Cuba

Why Should You Rent A Boat In Cuba?

Cuba is a hot spot for thousands of tourists around the world and it isn’t difficult to see why.  The country does have this unique and very rich history and one you are going to adore.  You can in fact rent a boat in Cuba and sail around the coastline which will be another spectacular activity to consider. 

Renting a Boat to Explore Cuba

There is no better way to enjoy what Cuba has to offer than when you sail around the country.  The Cuban waters are really some of the very best and with beautiful weather and gorgeous scenery you are never going to be bored.  The great thing of all is that when you rent a boat in Cuba, there is this charm about it and one which really allows you to feel welcomed.  You can of course learn about the culture and even the history as you sail for the week.

This is why more and more tourists from across the world are looking at Cuba as their next sailing destination.  Of course, Cuba has always been popular and there are so many things to see and do when in the country.  You can spend most of your time sailing the Cuban coastline and spend the remaining vacation holidaying on land visiting historical landmarks and gorgeous scenery.

Beautiful Coastline

Cuba currently has just less than six thousand kilometres of coastline making it a perfect destination for any and all sailors.  You are not going to experience sailing better than when you hit Cuba and even though it is in the Gulf of Mexico the currents aren’t overly strong.  This can be important because as most sailors will know, you don’t want a strong current.  Though, usually, you get anything from half a knot to three knots which is still pretty impressive. 

When you rent a boat in Cuba you can sail to the two hundred bays or visit some of the four thousand islets and keys.  However, you can also explore the beautiful beaches and visit the lagoons and creeks but there is so much to see and do while visiting Cuba.  This is such a wonderful sailing destination and you can absolutely love to explore all the amazing sights and scenery the country has to offer.  You can also take to the water and enjoy the endless water activities too.

When Should You Visit?

To be honest, while the Cuban coastline often receives over three hundred days of sun in the year, some parts of the year are at higher risk than others.  For instance, the hurricane season usually lasts from June right through until November and this can be quite an issue for most sailors.  If you want to rent a boat in Cuba, you could look at the early months of March, April or May which would be fantastic.  In most cases, July would normally be the prime time for sailors but on this occasion it isn’t. 

Of course, it is up to you when you want to sail to Cuba but just remember it does have a hurricane season so just be a bit wary.  Usually, you can enjoy the sailing options the country has to offer and the currents and swells are fair enough for most to be able to handle.  Rent a boat in Cuba and enjoy all it has to offer.