Hire a yacht for your vacation

Hire a yacht for your vacation

Going Skippered or Un-Skippered When Looking For Yacht for Rent

Chartering a yacht can be the best way to spend a day.  However, how do you plan to run it?  Do you want to hire someone or are you going to try and skipper the boat yourself?  Maybe you should seriously consider your options before deciding.

Rent A Yacht – What Is Your Headcount?

When you want to hire a yacht for the day whether it’s to go sight-seeing or just have a lazy day on the water, you need to know the headcount.  Now, this can have a significant impact on whether or not you hire a skipper or go solo.  Most yacht charters come in the form between thirty and sixty two feet so the bigger the yacht the more people onboard.  However, if you have more than say thirty, you need a considerable bigger boat.  If you are sight-seeing with friends or family and have used a yacht before it may be wise to go un-skippered as long as you are familiar with the waters.

Do You Know How To Handle A Yacht?

When you charter a yacht, you will love the experience but it can be different to a regular sailing boat.  Every boat is different and that means they run differently even though they are similar in nature.  That is why you have to think very carefully about whether or not you are going to hire someone to skipper the boat for you.  It’s one thing to be with a group of people but to be alone and taking a yacht on open water, that can be risky.  If you have little or no experience then you always must get a skipper.  Having a crew onboard can be quite good because you get to enjoy the day without putting in the hard work.

What’s The Purpose?

Ideally, you should consider a skipper when you are renting for the purposes of fishing.  Now, if you want to do a stop of fishing and sight-seeing, skippered are the way to go.  The reason why is simply because when you use a skipper, they know the area well and know where the best stops are for fishing as well as some local sights too.  This may be something you want to think about when choosing which yacht for rent you are going for.  For parties, unless you have someone who won’t consume alcohol and knows their way around a boat, skipper less may be wise.

 Express Yourself

The great thing about hitting the ocean waves is you have freedom to enjoy the day or night without a worry in the world.  You can cruise to wherever and whenever and just lap up the scenery and sun.  You don’t often get the chance to get them both and when you rent a power boat, you have a very unique day ahead.  This isn’t like anything you’ve seen before so you can be your true self on the ocean waves – as long as you don’t do anything too crazy. 

Charter a yacht and you’ll never forget it.