Rent a Boat

Rent a Boat

Boat Hire

Why not rent a boat and sail through any of the most attractive sailing destinations – be it in the Mediterranean or in the Bahamas! After all, it’s affordable and convenient at the same time, while also offering a once in a lifetime experience. There is no shortage of different boat options to rent either.

Whether you are a experienced sailor or a beginner, you can rent a boat from Sailogy to sail into the pristine sea. You can choose from many different boats and brands such as sailboats, motorboats, catamaran, etc. Depending on your expertise, you also have the option to rent a boat with or without a skipper on board.

Rent a Catamaran Without Skipper

For experienced sailors who can’t do without experiencing the salty air breezing past the body, renting a catamaran without a skipper from Sailogy is the way to go. The quietness and freedom that you would enjoy can match any of your spiritual experiences.

Rent a Catamaran With Skipper

Having a skipper on-board of your catamaran can only enhance the comfort of your experience, as they will take care of everything like controlling, navigating and anchoring your boat. They can guide you towards the best viewing positions too.

Rent a Catamaran

Nothing quite matches the elegance and luxury of a catamaran cutting through the open sea. It’s a boat of ultimate comfort and lavishness, a sure shot to a lifetime experience.
They are huge, spacious and great for privacy, and you can rent them with or without a skipper.

Rent a Motorboat Without Skipper

Not many things can compare with the thrill of speeding a luxurious motorboat into the exciting unknowns of the sea.
So, if you are an experienced sailor with a license, just get on the boat without a skipper. You are sure to find your way around with a route map.

Rent a Motorboat

If you would rather prefer to power through the pristine seawater, creating a small spiral of whiter waves, renting a motorboat would be the best option.
They are relatively smaller, but are much faster than a sailboat, making it perfect to experience many different destinations in shorter times. There are different options too. 

Rent a Sailboat With Skipper

Renting a sailboat with skipper would enable you to just sit back and relax, while the multi-seasoned professional takes the helm to navigate your sailboat.
They also happen to be a local guide with knowledge of unique routes, making it perfect for inexperienced sailors in any given area.

Rent a Sailboat

Sailboats are among the most inexpensive boat you can rent. They may be less lavish than others, but they are also easier to control and manoeuvre around in the open sea.
The mesmerizing winds would propel your boat in the middle of the sea, while you enjoy and cherish the picturesque view – with or without a skipper.

Rent a Motorboat With Skipper

Want to rent a motorboat but don’t have a sailor license? Don’t worry, you can always choose to rent a motorboat with a skipper on board. Your skipper would be a professional with all the know-how of navigating the marine wilderness, enabling you to just enjoy the sceneries to its fullest.

Rent a Sailboat Without Skipper

If you happen to be an adventurist looking to brave the open sea, you can opt to rent a sailboat without a skipper on board.
However, you would need to have sailing experiences and a license valid for the destination.
Once you get that sorted, you can just sail away – either with the other sailors or all by yourself.